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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Doggie Spotlight on Jackjack and Abigail Grace

Welcome to Dogs on Thursday.

Hi, I'm Natalie the "guest" blogger for a couple weeks for Paula. Please send her best wishes as she takes a small break from things.

If you've received your swap pals information please contact them as you receive their names. If you haven't received anything from Paula or your pal please email me at gnatchat(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you'd like to join Dogs on Thursday please email me as well.

Doggie Spotlight!!!

I have so much to say about my two babies I'm not sure where to start. I guess the beginning would be the best.

My first memory of Jackjack, then Blackjack, was of him in the family room at the local SPCA. My step-sister and I had dropped by to look at the dogs and find one for me to adopt. He had been at the SPCA for two months and was being kept in the family room for part of the time to keep him sane. Jackjack, a pretty large black lab who's ideal weight is 85, was very skinny at 64 lbs. I asked the lady there to let me meet him and she took us out to the play area. He was not that interested in anything but the outdoors, but came over to get a scratch or two. I saw that he just needed a stable home and a loving one. I needed a companion so I figured it would work out. I actually told the lady to hold him for me until I could make the decision later that afternoon. It took me 20 minutes after leaving the place to realize that he was for me. So...I picked him up the next day after he got neutered.

Jackjack hasn't always been the easiest dog. He's stubborn(like me) and loves to run outdoors. At first he would run away and was not able to focus outside. Now, after 3 years with me, he has become a loyal companion and a loving dog. He's had his ups and downs...such as his accident with a car.
To keep the story as short as possible. He ran off one morning after we returned from the dog park and was struck by a truck. He shattered his elbow and was badly scrapped up. I saw the whole thing. It was traumatic for both of us.
He had to get pins put in his elbow and the recovery as hard as it was...was worth every moment. If you saw him at the dog park now, you would not notice that anything ever happened to him. He does limp a little when he runs or swims too much.

He's been the greatest decision and we've always been a pair....until we got Abigail. :)

Abigail Grace almost got her name changed to Jill...Jack and Jill...get it?? hehe. I'm a dork. My middle name is Grace and when I first heard that her name was Abigail Grace I knew it was meant to be. Abigail was a rescue through a friend of my sisters. She had been bought as a present for a woman who did not treat her well. She was kept in a kennel outside and given minimal attention, food, or water. Thank God that my sister's friend rescued her and found me. The first time I met her she was bubbly as always and full of love. All she wanted was cuddles and for someone anyone please throw the ball.

Abigail is a water dog that's for sure. She loves to slap the water and bite at it. Abigail is super friendly and great with kids of all ages. She has been a great addition to our family even though at first it took her and Jackjack sometime to figure things out. Coming from a home where she did not know where and when she would get food, she was a bit food and toy aggressive. We've worked a lot and she is now able to play well and eat in the same room as Jackjack. She is the sweetest craziest dog I've ever met and I love her.

I feel like I've written a book about my dogs and there is so much more to say. They are my babies and I love them. I hope you've enjoyed my doggie spotlight.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quick Note About The Dogs Holiday Ornament Swap

This is just a quick note to ask if those that wanted to participate in the Doggie Holiday Ornament Swap received their matches okay?
Even the best laid plans go array so if you have not received you match or are having any troubles please email me (Paula) or Natalie.
This is not a secret swap this year so whomever your pal is, she has your name as well.
Next year I will get more creative.
This year though, for the first time trying this swap out, simple is best.
Oh, and just a reminder that there is no real price limit on the swap goodies because I know most of you will be crafting your doggie ornament, but please keep the gifting somewhat inexpensive so as to not add stress to an already stressful season.
I hope everyone has a very festive holiday season and a peaceful one too.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Doggie Spotlight for Grover and A Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to the new members this week!
I had an unexpected death and illness in our family this week so I am late getting the swap pals out, I will do that in the next couple of days.
I have them ready to go and I will email them out tonight when I get home.
Some of you may already have received yours.
Please contact your pals as you receive their names.
I hope this swap will be a fun and festive one.
Natalie is going to run the Dogs on Thursdays for a couple of weeks for me.
Please contact her at gnatchat(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to join Dogs on Thursday or have any questions.
She will also be doing next weeks doggie spotlight on one of her lovable dogs.
I will see you in a couple of weeks.

This weeks Doggie Spotlight is for Cindy's Grover and here is what his humans say about him:

"Our beloved shepherd/golden mix, Dylan Thomas, was with us for nine years. He was smart and my best buddy. We walked every single morning and he was a jewel. On Easter Sunday this year he refused food and by the end of the week (a Friday the 13th, no less), he was dead from cancer. I was devastated and had decided no dog for a while. I had not considered how desperately lonely and unhappy my Mum would be without company of a pup. By the Friday after the 13th, we were discussing a dog. The next day we went to the Humane Society and asked about a lab (I love them and so does the Mum). They had several but they were all high energy (aren't all labs?). My Mum is severely crippled and unable to move quickly, so a high-energy dog was out. We were getting ready to leave when a young woman asked if we were interested in a really mellow dog, but he was "large". I said yes and they brought out Grover. He walked straight to my Mum and leaned on her. I think that was all it took. We went to an interview room and he showed us his stuffed fish and behaved like a gentleman. We walked out with a new pup. He honestly didn't look that big in the building, but when it came to putting him in our sedan..........well, it was an epiphany. He took up the whole back seat!

Since that day he has taken over our hearts and our lives and we cannot even think what life would have been without our big boy. The Humane Society told us he weighed 85 lbs. He might have when he got there, but he's now about 125 lbs. and he takes up our little house. We went to obedience class and he sits, goes down, heels and "leave it"s like a pro. The stay commands are sucky at best, but I don't really work at them very hard. He adores children and almost all people and he loves to play with the "kids" at the cageless kennel. Because he is so big and fierce looking, people avoid us on our walks. But, basically, he's just a big baby.
Our big baby.

As for his ancestry, we have Anatolian Shepherd, Irish Wolfhound, English Mastiff and whatever else anyone can come up with. His gait is something to behold and he runs like a colt. When you save a dog's life, you do more than just save a life, you enrich yours beyond measure."

Thank you Cindy and Grover for sharing with us a part of your life today.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Doggie Spotlight on Baci

Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday.
Also a big hello to the several new members that joined DOT this past week.

If anyone who wanted to join the Dogs On Thursday Winter Ornament Swap please see last weeks post and email me or Natalie and include the questionnaire from last weeks post.
We will combining names this week and will have them out to you by Thursday the 24th

For this weeks Doggie Spotlight meet Rhonda's Baci:
Due to some of my computer technical difficulties I have taken her Bio information from her human Mom's blog post on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 and also because it is quite a complete bio and is wonderful to read.
Thank you Rhonda for letting me share Baci's story that way.

"Our little person in a fur suit"

"Baci Fiona Jana was named for many reasons. Her mother, Kissed by the Storm, is how she got her first name, Baci, as it means kisses in Italian (we love Rome, that's what the Italy thing is all about). She got her middle name, Fiona, from the character on Shrek, as well as the fact her little ears and big head remind us of an Ogor! Jana is based on her dad’s given name, No Moon Out Tonight. Jana comes from the Italian goddess of the moon. (The moon being the connection here.)
She was born 2-4-06 and was shipped to us from a highly reputable Shar-pei breeder, ShenaniGans Shar-pei in NC. We chose her because of her color, because she’s a protector and incredibly intelligent too. My plan was to put her in AKC shows (some day *sigh*), as she comes from a national champion line. So we got the pick of the litter. This is the pic we saw on the Shenanigans' web site! The breeder titled her foto, "Kisses girl."
She makes me laugh and warms my heart. Her personality is so special, I can’t help but feel like we were paired on a different dimension prior to us coming together. (Look – she’s in the womb!)
Her unique personality makes me also think she is part human. I think maybe I gave birth to her in that other place, because she even does things like me. I began making this funny sound when I yawned and literally a week or so later, I heard her making the same noise! Here’s proof that her latest adorable feat is picking up things that are lying around the house and then showing me what she’s found. She knows she gets a treat for bringing them to me. Here she found a set of lost keys. (Now, I’ve taught her to bring me my flip flops.)
Another unique trait I dearly love: she leans on her shoulder, like a human…While I was driving, I safely (no, really, i did!) took this foto with my camera phone. Look where her right paw is! Do other barkers do this?
In addition to all the above reasons, we got her because of my bouts with depression. When I know I’m dropping, all I have to do is touch her and my whole world changes. Everything is suddenly OK. I love to feel her heart beating; I love to feel her coat. Then there’s that face. I can’t imagine having a dog with more collagen. She’s so touchable, albeit she hates it. How can someone not reach out and grab this? Sometimes it makes me crazy.
Our gorgeous, spoiled little person in a fur suit.
She’s my life and friend; she’s our daughter."
Thank you Baci and Rhonda! What a sweet story!
To read more about Baci you can visit her and Rhonda at their blog.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Doggie Spotlight on Teutul and a Holiday Swap Announcement

Welcome to this weeks edition of Dogs on Thursday!

Please give a big warm Welcome to the new members this week!

If anyone who was supposed to receive a treat bag from the Dogs Costume Parade did not receive their treat bag please email me.
I am pretty sure I got them all out last week but I still have that sinking feeling that I may have forgotten someone.

I want to announce the "Dogs Winter Holiday Ornament Swap."

It will run from Thursday November 22nd to December 27th
(This pretty button was made by Natalie, please take one.)
The rules are relaxed and easy:
Once you have received your swap doggie pals name(s)
*You are to make or purchase an ornament for the dog(s) whose name you have been given and also include a toy/treat.
*Since the holidays are stressful enough for some of us please keep this somewhat inexpensive but quite creative, festive and fun!
*Once you have your pals name and info you are to please contact your ornament swap dog via email/ snail mail to let them know who you are and to verify their information.
*You are to please mail package in plenty of time to be received before the pals preferred December holiday. (ie,Chanukkah, Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwansza, etc...)

If you would like to participate in this swap or have any questions please email me or Natalie.
Also if participating in this swap please include the answers to this questionnaire and your name and webpage in the email and write Dogs On Thursday Holiday Swap in the subject box.

1.)How many dogs have you?
2.)What is/are your Dogs name?
3.)What Winter holiday you celebrate?
4.)Do you or your dog(s) have any allergies?
5.)What is your snail mail address?
6.)What is your Email address?
7.)What is/are your Dogs favorite treats/kind of toys?
8.)Anything else you would like to share about your dog(s) to help me make your gift more special.

Okay now on with this weeks Doggie Spotlight.

Meet Teutul!
He was 4 years old on October 25th
Nichole writes on Teutuls special Birthday page and on his Dogster page that he
was named "...after the Teutul family from the OCC boys of American Chopper fame, Tut came into our home & lives on Superbowl Sunday, 2004, the day the Patriots beat the Panthers!
You see, Teutul was originally a foster dog named Tigger. He stole our hearts and we obviously failed at our first ever attempt at fostering (which may be why we waited 3 years to give it a shot again!). Tigger was just not fitting at all and I had wanted to name him Brady, however Matt said he wasn't going to have a Tom Brady dog... so I said what about Mikey? Matt thought for a minute... then replied "only if he's Mikey Teutul." And, Teutul stuck. Tut for short.... though he prefers King Tut.
We believe Tut is a black and tan coonhound mix, but don't know for sure. He's one of those "southern mixes," lol He was found along with his brother (Tango - who my friend Tanya has, see the Dogster page) by a good Samaritan in TN on a dirt road. The man brought the pups home with him and they lived in his barn until they were adopted up to New England.
Tut has a tendency to make a "nest" in his crate with the stuffing from beds, pillows, etc. -- I think this may be in part due to living in a barn and perhaps nesting in the hay.
At first it was REALLY annoying because I'd buy him new beds & pillows and they'd be shredded in no time so he could have the stuffing to make his bed with. Now we give him blankets mostly and I switch his pillows/stuffing out as needed. Its kind of cute now, so long as he keeps his "nesting stuffing" IN the crate. The rule is - out of the crate and to the trash it goes, lol! He's very protective of his stuffing too and watches so you don't mess it up in his crate.
Tut has 2 siblings, Zeus and Lola." Also his Mommy fosters and gives lots of care and love to many unfortunate dogs so he often has new foster brother and sisters to play with too!

Thank you Teutul for sharing your story with us you are quite the handsome dog!

Since I have to leave early this morning for work I will have to wait until tonight to visit everyone's Dogs On Thursday Post!
Please visit each other today when you can and leave a friendly comment to say hello!