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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dogs On Thursday and a Poll

Happy Thursday!
Here is a new cute doggie button for you Chihuahua lovers...
(I am making more doggie buttons, to be posted soon!)
Here is a Dog Bone button that Beth made!
Thank you so much Beth!

and check out our new banner! Nice!
Thanks Ma!

We have had several more dog lovers join our Dogs on Thursday group.
So please be sure to go visit each other and say Hello!

I have been wondering if everyone would think it was okay if I opened this site up to were everyone can post on here too?

I have set up a Poll to find out how you feel about that.
You can also leave a comment here too!

I was thinking about doing this in the very beginning but then thought it would be simpler for everyone to just post on their own sites.
But to be honest I would like to see your dog pictures on here with my own sweet pooch each week!
But I sure do love posting about her so I will continue to do that too regardless of the poll results!


Gnat said...

I think that would be great. I'd probably post the blog on both just like you do. :) Thank you for Dogs on Thursday!! It's so much fun!!!

My puppies thank you as well.

Cindy said...

Ya know, I don't really mind. In fact, I kinda like it this way, but it's you blog, you go whatever way you want.

Vivian said...

I rather like it the way it is now so all the comments come directly to my email. But hey, it never hurts to have another site that I can load up my dog pictures :-)

lora said...

I would probably post here if it was an option. Any excuse to show off my rascals.

Sonya said...

I kinda like it the way it is too.
But then I fear change so don't listen to me.
The hubby thinks it is funny to rearrange the furniture when I go out of town.

Jennifer said...

Hmm...I kind of like it this way but I'm open to either. Also, THANK you for the new chihuahua button! I lurve it :)

Donna said...

Well, I hate to be a wet blanket but I like it the way it is. I like going down the list and hitting all the blogs. But I will certainly do it however you would are the blog boss!

Donna said...

P.S. Thanks for all you do to make Dogs on Thursday possible.

Rhonda said...

What a fun site! I want the button, I want to be on the dog roll, I want to read some more, so I gotta go! (p.s. I would love to post my poochie here - whatever you decide will be fun!)

Milly said...

Love the idea! I think it would be easier to see everyone at once.
Love the dog bone button!

Drew said...

I learned about DOT from Meeyauw. Wile I don't have a dog, my sister has two and from time to time I take photos of them. I take a photo-a-day and today will be a photo of Taylor, my sister's dog. I'll link over here too.

Julie said...

Oops - linked on another day's post...come see my dogs, which you will find interspersed with knitting 'n stuff

Mindy said...

I haven't had time yet to read everybody's posts, but I will check them out tonight.

Nichole said...

Hey Paula - where's today post to link up?? :)

Cat =^,^= said...

... none are as fiercely loyal as dog people.
--- Linda Shrieves