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Friday, December 28, 2007

Dogs On Thursday On Friday

I am so very sorry this edition of 'Dogs On Thursday' is a day late.
My server has been down all day. (I think it ate too much Holiday food.)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season.
I can not believe it is going to be 2008 soon!
Where did the year go?

I have been having fun reading about the packages received by the members participating in the Dogs Holiday Ornament Swap!

It should be wrapping up very soon.

Please be to sure to contact your pal if you are going to be late mailing your package so they don't worry.
Also please don't forget to post about your loot and/or contact your pal so she knows your package was received.
And lastly if anyone is in need of a 'Dogs Ornament Swap Angel' please let me or Natalie know.

We will soon be posting about the next exciting event so stay tuned.

Now for today's 'Doggie Spotlight' meet Zeus!

He is beloved by Mindy and Rich:

Zeus was brought home by Rich in 1998 from a coworkers house with new puppies. He is a beagle and pit bull mix, and adjusted to his new home quickly. Mindy didn't get to meet Zeus until the end of 2006. There are a lot more photos of him now!

Here he is as a puppy with some new family members.

Zeus is very loyal and lovable. He loves to cuddle. Now that the colder winter weather is here, not does he only want to sleep in the bed with the humans, but also under the covers. He'll curl up wherever he can. If you're sitting up straight he'll put his head in your lap, but just behind your knees seems to be his favorite spot.
He is a pretty quiet dog. He'll only bark when the doorbell goes off or if there's a knock at the door. When we come home he'll greet us at the top of the stairs and sometimes whine with excitement.
You can try to pet him when he's saying "welcome back" but he's not satisfied until he's managed to lick your hand hello. Strangers and family alike are greeted by him this way. When he's settled onto a spot where he's hanging out, all you have to do is look at him and he'll thump his tail in anticipation of some petting. Usually he'll roll over onto his back too.
He does have a couple of funny habits. He likes to lick things (bed, couch, whatever he's sitting on) and will leave a big puddle of slobber until we divert his attention elsewhere. He will hang out in whatever room you're in and follow you when you get up, even if it's just one room away. He doesn't like noise. His worst enemy is the vacuum cleaner. Once that starts up, he'll move to another room. He doesn't take off, but somewhat calmly gets up and walks away. And if any luggage is being packed, he knows that somebody is leaving. He'll pace and pant a little bit but he pulls through it just fine every time. Sometimes that means he'll just go visit family for a day or two until we get back, and he's happy to see them too.

Overall, Zeus is our buddy and home just wouldn't be the same without him!


Anonymous said...

What a handsome fellow! We certainly enjoyed our ornament swap and our wonderful pal!

lora said...

Zeus is a great dog. I'll bet with Zeus in bed you don't get to roll over much during the night. Beagles and terriers have such great people-loving personalities. Good combo.

Nichole said...

Zeus is quite the handsome guy... love his mix too!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute- his coloring reminds me a lot of my childhood dog- Lightfoot- she was a fox hound mix.

monica said...

Zeus is adorable!

Donna said...

What a sweet doggie and a very nice write up.

Anonymous said...

Aww, Zeus. What a nice boy.