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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!!

Hi, and Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday!

Hope everyone had a safe week. Please keep sending good vibes and prayers Paula's way. Her and her family could use the extra good thoughts.

This week will be a week of Doggie News.
First up DOT information.

~Please remember that the DoT Bloggerversary Contest ending date was extended from September 15 to October 15th. Get your submissions together and send those in!!

~The Fall Dogs Costume Contest! (Here is a link to last years Fall Costume Parade) Don't forget to grab a button for your blog and search out the perfect costume for your pups!
The guidelines are the following.
If you are interested in participating please email Paula a picture of your furbaby in a costume or some fall related gear.
The deadline for pictures to be emailed to me is midnight on October 28th.
I will post the Dogs Costume Parade on October 30th.
There are two categories this year for prizes.
1.) Creativeness in theme.
2.) Inventiveness in costume. national news!!

~Post Hurricane Ike, many rescue organizations are receiving pets, who were rescued. Please check your local rescue and see if they are getting some of the 100 dogs and cats that need homes and help. I know that my local SPCA just received a ton of animals and are in need of some support. If you have any local rescues that are helping out please let us know!

~Next, have you seen this story?? The headline Owner saves dog from shark's jaws can sure catch someone's eyes. This man actually beat up a shark to save his dogs life!! I couldn't believe it when I first heard but it's amazing! Makes you far would you go to save your dog?

I hope everyone has had a great week! Please feel free to email Paula or me, if you would like to join our group or have any questions.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!


vegasangelbrat said...

Is anyone other than Paula collecting snuggles? I jsut mailed Paula 1 as thats all I was able to get done so far, but hav elots more washable yarn for more if needed.
Amazing story, Thanks for sharing!!
Happy DoT to everyone. I'll get my Mr. Linky set when I'm home after work :)

Kenyetta said...

Are we sending the submissions to you? For the blogaversary contest- or just emailing pics?

Sonya said...

Yes, I had read that story. Hey they save our lives all the time. Good for him!

4pamperedpaws said...

Love your site! I have you on one of my blogs already. Just wanted to add you to this one.

Gnat said...

Send the submissions to Paula. :) She's in charge of those.