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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Friend In Need

It's Dogs On Thursday again. We have some new members to greet this week. Gwen and her big dog Faith, Ruth and her baby Misty, Elaine and her fur baby Patrick, Mo and her co-writers Murphy and Dolby and Renna and her little ones Leyna and Pepper. Everyone drop by and give them a big welcome to DOT.

We all have dogs that are members of our families, but do we know what to do in an emergency? Are we prepared to help if they suddenly become sick or injured? What if there's a natural disaster? Dogs, like children, seem to get sick on holidays, weekends or during the night when veterinary help may be hard to find. We need to be able to stabilize them until we can reach medical help.

Do you know how to take the animal's temperature? What is a normal temperature? How to give medicine, both tablets and liquid? How to create a makeshift muzzle? Can you recognize the signs of poisoning or shock?
The American Red Cross has a book available on their website called 'Dog First Aid', It sells for $16.95. There's also one for cats. The Red Cross also gives pet first aid classes. Contact your local chapter to see when they are scheduled in your area. Some dog training groups and breed groups sponsor first aid classes. Also some vets offer classes. A good place to start is with your vet. He or she may know what classes are available in your area.

Keep the phone numbers of your vet, the nearest emergency vet and poison control posted where you can find them quickly. The time it takes to look them up in the phone book can make the difference between life and death.

Until Samba became pregnant, my first aid supplies were scattered all over the house. Then I realized that in an emergency I'd be wasting precious time running around looking for things. I put everything in one plastic box with a lid and a handle. Now I can grab it quickly and even stick it in the car when we travel.

You can find information online about what items you need in a canine first aid kit. Dog Owners Guide, An Online Magazine for All Pet Owners has a good list. I asked Dr Nicki to give me a list and here's what she came up with.
Triple antibiotic ointment
Betadine or iodine solution for cleaning wounds
Eye wash ( a sterile saline solution)
Telfa pads (non-adhesive dressing)
Benadryl ( 1 mg per lb every 8 hours)
Cortisone cream
Bandage tape
Hydrogen peroxide (1/4 - 1/3 cup will usually induce vomiting)

Can of i/d (withholding food for 24 hours then offering i/d is probably more effective in mild GI cases than Pepto or other OTC meds)

Nail trimmers and styptic powder
The pet's records

She also offered this advice: "Although it's appropriate to clean and lightly bandage a wound before seeking help, I generally don't recommend anyone try to apply a heavy bandage or splint without special training as more damage than good can be done with too tight a wrap - even caution must be used with vetwrap. I also wouldn't advocate giving aspirin as it can have adverse effects if given with some of the meds the vet might want to use. Also it might mask the pain and not allow the owner to realize there may be a serious problem."

Another situation that too many of us have been in is a natural disaster. Are you ready for a tornado, hurricane, flood, fire, earthquake? Have your pets been tattooed or microchipped for identification in case they become separated from you? You'll need your first aid kit, but there are some additional items you want to think about.
Extra leashes
Bottled water for several days
Enough food for several days
Their meds for several days
Copies of their vaccination records, license, health records in a zip lock bag
Extra crate if the animal is small

Be prepared to help yourself, your family and your pets in an emergency. Planning ahead can save their lives.


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Renna said...

Thank you for the welcome! :-)

I appreciate the very informative article. I can see areas where I've been lax.

momsue84 said...

Thank you so much for all the valuable information. I am putting together emergency kits and evac boxes today.

Mo said...

Great, informative post; while we *DO* have our pet-supplies stashed with our own (hurricane stuff), I don't believe I have a well-stocked first aid kit (for them OR us!) And now, thanks to you, I have a great list to print and stock easily!

Have a grrr-eat weekend ahead, everybody!

soulbrush said...

what a good post, i must say i have not even thought of these things. my hubby's mom was a vet, and so he knows loadsa practical stuff about dogs, so i always rely on him...will definitley read up about this. thanks sue. and woofy doggie thursday and welcome everyone.

knittinwolf said...

awesome post...great job

Atlântico Azul said...

Have a really Happy DOT day!!!

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Nichole said...

Great post Sue! Another good help... the FREE ASPCA safety kit that anyone can request.

Rose said...

Great article. Will print out this one and keep on hand to make sure I get all I need!

gaylen said...

Lovely post Sue - you're right, it's very important to keep everything together. Thanks for the reminder. g

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Great post, Sue! Loved the pictures.

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Great information! Thanks.

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This is a great post with lot's of good information. I could have used it serveral weeks ago. I will print it out so in the future I will have it. Thank you.

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