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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dogs on Thursday...Ceaser on Puppy Mills.

Hi and welcome to this week's Dogs on Thursday post.

This week I wanted to share an episode of the Dog Whisperer that's airing tomorrow. The following is the press release.


Friday, May 8 at 9PM ET/PT

Dog Whisperer: Inside Puppy Mills exposes inhumane conditions at these factory-like breeding operations, as Cesar joins an undercover mission with the animal welfare organization Last Chance for Animals (LCA). With hidden cameras, LCA operatives spot-check several Los Angeles County kennels essentially dog-breeding facilities that may be exceeding legal capacity limits. After negotiating with the owners of one of these kennels, the team, including Cesar, is able to rescue 11 dogs considered worthless by breeders a small start in their hope to save as many dogs as possible from these conditions. The team members then learn from Cesar as he teaches them how to rehabilitate the traumatized dogs from the moment they are taken out of their cages. “We are from two different points of rescuing,” Cesar says of LCA. “They do the physical rescue, I do the psychological rescue. So together it’s a team, it’s a good pack.” Entertainer Sharon Osbourne even adopts one of the rescued pups!

On our program website, you can also find more facts about puppy mills in the United States and more information about Last Chance for Animals."

I received a pre-release copy of this episode and I quickly sat down and watched it. I have seen a lot of shows on Puppy Mills and I was curious to see how Ceaser would handle it.

I have to admit and this is my opinion only but I have mixed feelings about Ceaser. I think he's doing some great things in educating the public about dogs and he is always very straight forward and honest with his clients and I really love that. However, some of his techniques are a bit too much for me. I agree with his philosophy of exercise, discipline, and then affection but I also like training to be a game and for the dogs to be having fun. Sometimes I don't feel that his are fun. Also I do admit that he's working with dogs that need a lot help. A dog who doesn't have the issues like the ones he works with would benefit from just plan fun training along with the exercise, discipline and affection. Oh and I guess I will also admit to saying the Jackjack needed Ceaser a couple times in his life. :) back to this episode! I feel he did a great job of explaining how a lot of his clients that he works with are puppy mill dogs that have these issues from inbreeding and lack of proper upbringing. The organization he works with is amazing and shows all the horrors of puppy mills and shows how they are doing something and how you can help. I like how they talked about rescuing your dog and not going to a puppy store and buying one. They explained that you are not rescuing that are only adding to a horrible horrible business that makes these puppy mills profitable. They included a little bit about how if you are looking to purchase a dog that you should look for a reputable breeder and really get to know the parents and see where the dogs live...but they didn't say anything about being careful of backyard breeders, which can look like a reputable one but they don't do all the extra steps that are needed too.

I also thought it was great that Ceaser is helping teach the organization that rescue these dogs how to start to rehabilitate them the moment they are rescued and how this can help speed up their recovery. He is always so patient and does explain why his techniques work for that particular dog.

Well, I think I've rambled on a bit about this but in the end I think it's a great episode and I recommend watching it. I think this will reach many people who otherwise wouldn't see things about the horrors of puppy mills.

Thank you very much Ceaser for showing this world to people and thank you for education the public on the needs of dogs.

Happy Dogs on Thursday and don't forget to take your dogs for a walk as often as you can! :)


knittinwolf said...

Great post! Happy DOT!

Rose said...

Must be rescue dog awareness week. Our local news program did a bit on one poor puppy left on the sidewalk in front of a veterinarians office. The vet's office called the SPCA and the response was slow, (more than 24 hours) but now the SPCA is looking into why the vet didn't do anything about the dog, but left it there for that long. Of course the vet couldn't be reached for comment! Sad situation all around, the good news was the poor dog (which was a cocker spaniel... mix at least) was taken in and groomed and hydrated, and hopefully will be on the way to good health soon, and will find a good forever home.

soulbrush said...

very informative and interesting post. thanks and woofy DOT to you all.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Puppy mills are terible places. Our vet thinks that may have been what happened to Charli. She has never been what you would call normal. I just let her be happy. Maybe I should do more. I don't know. I have her where she will listen and I do expose her to people but she is terrified. She will not bite. She hides. She will walk up to you because she likes you but if you try to pet her she will run off and hide. Maybe I can learn from the program.