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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Hallowiener!!!

Hello, all! Penny here for the latest installment of Dogs on Thursday. I'm a little tardy... my mom got confused because she thought the 4th Thursday was today, but it was last week... and, since I'm a puppy, I can't take responsibility for such things. You know how it is.

So Saturday is Halloween! Be sure to watch after all your pooches, because I hear that a lot of them get kind of spooked with all the activity going on. And make sure they don't get into the candy (although I also hear that it's ultra yummy but bad for dogs -- pooh). Mom and Dad say that they're interested to see how I do with all the goblins who will be coming to our door. See, I love everybody. And I think they're all here just to see me! Isn't that how it's supposed to be for a princess??

Earlier this month my folks took me to an event sponsored by one of the dachshund rescue groups here in Atlanta called the HowlOWeenie. I have to be honest -- I was a little bit overwhelmed by all the wiener dogs there! So many in one place... a lot were dressed in costume... some were in carts since their back legs didn't work well anymore... some were bigger than me... some were smaller... There were more pooches there than I had ever seen before! We saw a couple who were black and tan dapples like me.There were wiener dogs in costume. I wonder if they went trick-or-treating afterwards? Do people give out snausages as treats??This little lady is in the red hat society. I'm hoping that's in dog years...And Elvis even made an appearance... complete with his security detail:All in all we had a good time. Visited some vendors there; Mom bought a new fleecy jacket for me to wear when the weather gets chilly here. She says she's "knitting" a sweater for me... the yarn is really tasty tho, and I don't understand why she gets so annoyed when I'm sampling it while she's playing with it and those sticks. Honestly, don't have it out where I can get to it if you don't want me to eat it!

I hope everyone has a good month of November ahead. I'll bark at you next month!


Vivian said...

So glad to see the latest DOT posting! But where is the Linky? We got a nice picture to share from last week.

-- Bucky (and Vivian too)

Gayle said...

Oh, I love the dapple. Would love to add one to my crew.

Serendipity said...

Happy Hallowiener! Hehehe...Oh please be careful of the yarn. It's not good for your tummy.