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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The greatest dog in the a companion who does all but speak. He will be gay or serious; he will console you in your lowest moods.

Ludwig Bemelman

We are entering the time of year that in days of old was a time to rest, reflect, and give thanks. The harvest was put up, the stores for winter use was put away, all the hard work of spring and summer was completed. As the daylight hours grew shorter and the weather of the day colder, members of the family would do the chores that absolutely needed done and then all would gather round the family hearth spending the evening hours together eating, reading, writing, indoor crafts such as candle making, knitting stockings, etc. before retiring for the evening.

In this modern world however with all the technology that is supposed to make our life easier, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle that starts before Thanksgiving and extends all the way through the New Years celebration. We are cleaning our houses top to bottom before guests start arriving, shopping for the perfect food, the perfect decorations, the perfect gifts, cooking, planning, baking,... our schedule has become over run with invitations that we can't turn down. And for others, the holiday season can be one of the lonliest times of year.

Believe it or not our canine companions experience the same emotions.

Our pups sense exactly what we are feeling. When we are uptight and stressed, our pets may exhibit those symptoms outwardly, by whining, moping, or acting lethargic, pacing, etc. If we are too busy to take them for their walks, play with them, pet them but for a quick pat on the head, or they are left alone in the home more frequently; they may act out by having accidents in the house, chewing stuff, or getting into my yarn basket and stringing it throughout the entire house getting into things they would regularly not. This type of behaviour from our pets will obviously feed the cycle above.

Let us make a commitment to ourselves and our furry friends to stop and seize the moment(s), to decompress, reflect, and enjoy each other for just a bit each day this holiday season. I think we all will be amazed at the peaceful difference this will make both with our pets as well as within ourselves.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgivings!
With puppy love, HoneyDew, Sampson, and Tina too!


Rose said...

Great post Tina, and a good reminder to us all to not neglect our pets at any time we get busy with life.

Sue said...

Very good advice. Now everyone stop and take a deep breath!

Nichole said...

Well said.

Sonya said...

Thank you. I will need to come read this again over the next several weeks.