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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Enemy

Hello everybody! Penny here, with this week's Dogs on Thursday! I hope everyone has had a good month since we last barked. I'm feeling much better and am back to my old bossy self.

Here in the US, we celebrate our independence on July 4th. I was a tiny puppy last year, so I really didn't pay any attention to what was going on around me. I was pretty content to let Mom and Dad handle security. But now that I'm a Big Dog, I have responsibilities to protect our house, and I take 'em seriously.

Evidently on July 4th, people insist on setting off fireworks. Fireworks are very noisy things that are no doubt a threat to our house and our pack. They sound just like thunder! And you can't see them coming either. I had to be constantly on guard. Sounded like they came from both sides of the house, so I was on the run all night, looking out windows to see if I could find out where they were coming from. I wanted to find the cowards and put an end to it! And of course, I had to sound the alarm by barking so that I could let everyone know we were under attack.

The problem was, around here, people do a lot of celebrating. They celebrated the week before the 4th and all during that week. I was exhausted from all the work I was doing.

I'm wondering who I have to bark at to get these things taken away. This is just a lot of work for a Big Dog like me! Maybe I should get Mom and Dad to take me on vacation next year...

I'll bark at you next month!

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