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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I went on vacation!

Hi everyone! Penny here, wishing everyone a happy Dogs on Thursday! Since we last barked, my family took me on vacation to Highlands, NC. We stayed in a wonderful pet friendly hotel.Here I am in my car seat... riding like a good girl. It was very interesting to be able to travel. The best thing about being in Highlands is that it was about 15 degrees cooler than where we live in Georgia. Wow! I felt like running around and being outside! Mommy and Daddy were amazed at the difference in my attitude in the cooler weather.

Our hotel was great, but of course, I had to be on duty to protect us. I didn't get a lot of sleep the first night, because I stayed awake and stood at the foot of the bed to make sure everything was good and secure. I will admit that by the third night fatigue got the best of me and I had to snuggle up by Mommy and get some sleep. A dog can only do so much, you know.

There were two dogs in the room next door to us: a West Highland White Terrier named Zoe and a Yorkie named Cookie. Evidently Cookie was a rescue who had had a bit of a rough life before she found her forever home. I'm really sorry she had a tough time, but honestly, Cookie had a little problem with personal space -- she was always in my face! I like to maintain a certain distance from other dogs... at least till I get to know them better. But I guess Cookie was ok. She really liked to bark! She and I alerted everyone to comings and goings around the area for which we were responsible. I was glad to have a little bit of help for a change, to be honest.

Highlands is a very dog-friendly town. I was able to sit at some outside tables with my family while they had dinner (and of course, they ordered food for me too!). I was treated like the Princess I am everywhere we went. I even supervised while Mom & Dad went to mine for gemstones:Mommy ended up getting some very pretty jewelry made!

We only stayed 3 days, but it was a good trip. I'd have liked to have stayed a bit longer in the cooler weather, but I understand I had to come back to work guarding our house. A dachshund's work is never done.


Vivian said...

Bucky went on vacation with us a few weeks ago and we even made a video of it. It's so nice when pups can go on vacation too.

Nichole said...

No Mr Linky?