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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dogs on Thursday... Where did the summer go?

Welcome to this week's Dogs on Thursday post. We still have the Dog Days of Summer swap wrapping up so if you haven't received or sent your package please let either me or Paula know.

We have three new Members: KO, Cheryl, and NikkiCrumpet. Welcome, welcome, welcome!! Please head over and say hello to them. We have grown so much in the past year! It's amazing!

Please head over and send cyber hugs and healing dog drools to Chan, her husband and Sissy. Chan and her husband's Mugsy Cornelius went to the rainbow bridge on August 23, 2008.

October 5, 1995 - August 23, 2008

Hope everyone is safe from Tropical Store Fay and those who are in line for this next storm, Hurricane Gustav, stay safe and keep your furbabies as safe as possible. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers. Also please feel free to let us know if you need anything.

Also some important Recall news. Nichole from has found this Dangerous Dog Toy Alert.
(Item #20227-001, UPC Code 0 4566320227 9)

The company's statement on their site is the following: "Four Paws is deeply concerned about reports of injuries suffered by some dogs as a result of a manufacturing defect in some of its Pimple Ball with Bell toys. We have stopped shipping the toys to our distributors and asked them to have retailers remove the toys from their shelves immediately and return them at Four Paws expense."

Please take note if you have the toy and take it away from you furbaby. We have added a new feature on our side bar for Pet Product Recalls and Updates. Please let us know if you find anything that comes up and check back often to see things we've added.

Hope everyone is having a good week and is getting your family and yourself ready for the beginning of the school year. And for those who have already started we hope that everything went smoothly.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dogs On Thursday

Be tuff! The "dog days" of summer can be wuff!

Welcome to this weeks edition of Dogs on Thursday.
Where friends and family are welcome but fleas are not.
We are praying and hoping that those hit by the recent storms in Florida and along the east and gulf coast there and around the vicinity of the hurricane/ tropical storm Fay survived and are well.
Please check in and let us know you are okay, that is quite a nasty storm out there.

We have two new members this week. Everyone please go and bark a hello to Peggy and Serendipity.

For those that are in the Dogs Days of Summer Secret Swap.

The last day of the swap is next Thursday the 28th.
If you are running late getting your packages out please contact your pal and let them know or contact me and I will let them know.
Also if you are having trouble completing your commitment please email me or Natalie for help.

Don't forget that the DoT Bloggerverary Contest is still running until the 10th of September so there is still plenty of time to get creative in finding a way to make a representation your dog(s).

We are going to have a new feature on DoT.
Nichole has very kindly agreed to keep up the good work reviewing things pertaining to dogs and when she does a review of a dog related item we will post a link to it here.
Like we did last week when she did a great review of the Rachel Rays dog food.
I have put up a spot on the side bar that has a link to that post and some other wonderful ones she has done.
So if you are wondering about a dog product, like I was last week, then check the side bar or with Nichole as chances are she has tried it out or did research on that product.
Thanks Nichole!

Also if anyone else has done a review of a pet product that they would to share please email me or Natalie and we will add it to the side bar.

Since I don't have a Doggie Spotlight for today I am going to introduce you to another dog that my family and I met on our trip to England this past May.
While visiting the historical town of Battle (where the battlefield to the famous battle of Hastings was fought.)
We met this sweet little dog named Roscoe he is a 5 year old West Highland Terrier.
(with apologies to Roscoe's human and my family for letting me use them as DoT fodder.)
Roscoe and his human, along with my husband, Sister-in-Law and Father-in-Law took
the 5 mile walking tour around and throughout the historical sites and onto the famous battlefield.
I and my Mother-in-Law and other Sister-in-Law took the short 2 mile walking tour.
and met up with Roscoe and his newly formed fan club at the end of the trail for a much needed rest in a cool spot in the shade.
I don't know how impressed he was with the walking history lesson but were sure impressed how he walked 5 miles without compliant.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays cool!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doggie Spotlight on Maizy!

Hi, Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday Post!

We've got a ton this week to share so here we go:

1) For those in the DoT Dog Days of Summer Swap please send your boxes
out Friday August 15th, if not already done so and don't forget to
reveal who you are. Also if you are running late don't forget to contact your pal so they
don't worry! The packages that we have been seeing on your blogs are fantastic and we
am so glad this was such a fun swap!

2) Don't forget that the DoT Bloggerversary contest is still running
and doesn't end until September 10th so there is still plenty of time
left Create a Representation of Your Dog(s)!

3.) Nichole from Lapdogcreations did a review on the new Rachel Ray's Nutrish for Pets. Please go over and check out what she had to say.
She has been doing a lot of great reviews lately! for our Doggie Spotlight on Tina's Maizy!!

Maizy is our 8-year-old Boston Terrier. Her full AKC name is "Lil Cherokee Baby Doll Maizy". Not only is she the smartest thing on four legs, I have to say she's my soul mate and constant shadow. If I'm walking, she's trotting along beside me; if I'm at the computer, she's curled up in her doggie bed underneath the desk; if I'm relaxing on the couch on in the bed, she's lying right there next to me. She's bossy and knows she's second in command around here. If I'm fussing at the kids or my husband, Maizy barks her disapproval right along with mine. Of course, she doesn't know she's a D-O-G, but truly believes herself to be human.

She would be mad at me if I didn't list her many amazing talents, so here it goes. She has earned her CGC, plus she is very talented at Obedience and Agility, the later of which she absolutely loves. No only does she like to compete, she won the very first Rally trail she entered. She learned tricks quicker than anything I've ever seen, mastering "Roll Over" inside of ten minutes when she was a few months old. She fetches her toys until my arm is about to fall off. If I'm not in the mood for tossing the balls she brings back to me, she'll drop it on my lap, tap me with her leg with her paw, and nag by barking at me until I throw it again. Did I mention that she is the world's naggingest dog? If my husband is in the kitchen, she'll look at the cabinet (where are treats are kept), then at him, barking until he gives her something delicious to eat.

But, back to her myriad of talents. She knows all the basics like sit, down, stay, come, heel, and wait. She mastered all of the agility obstacles including the see-saw, hoop, A-frame, tunnels, weave poles, and she will do the chute although it's not her favorite. She can shake hands, wave, high five, and eat food off a fork (well, all my spoiled little dogs can do that, but she was the first to learn it). She is also a math whiz, a favorite trick for little kids and my dad to watch! If I give her any math problem with an answer less than ten, she will bark out the answer. When my kids had problems in math, they loved it when I let her help them with it. This is a smart little cookie, too, performing square roots and multiplication without a calculator!

I honestly don't know what I'd do without my little Maizy. She has a heart as big as her smile.

Feel free to check out her personal webpage at .

Hope you enjoyed this weeks DOT post!! Don't forget if you have any questions please feel free to email me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com or Paula at paulaliden(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy Barking!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket
and then giving Fido only two of them.
~Phil Pastoret

Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday!

I hope everyone is having a good week and those in the path of the recent hurricane and its offshoot storms are doing okay.
We finally got a reprieve this morning out of the very nasty hotttt and humid weather for a couple of days here!
So this has made Elise happy and the kitties too, as all the windows are open again for a bit.

We have three new members this week!
Please give a warm welcome to Mae, Nicki, and Marjie and go by and visit their blogs.

For those that are in the DoT Dog Days Of Summer Secret Swap
I hope you are having fun and for those that haven't mailed yet, lets try and get them out in the mail by August 15th.
If you have any questions or troubles please contact me or Natalie.
I have been seeing some wonderful packages arriving on a few of your blogs already and they are wonderful and quite creative!

For those interested in the DoT's Bloggerversary Contest
It is still running until September 10th;
The goal is to Create a Representation of Your Dog(s)!
This can be achieved in any creative form, such as painting, drawing, quilt, poem, knitting, crochet, sculpture, etc... The ideas are endless and so use your imagination to your wildest extent!
There will be two categories for the prizes.
Category A: A representation using Fiber (ie, fabric, yarn, unspun wool, cotton, yarn/fabric dyeing, etc...
Category B: A representation not using Fiber (ie, painting, drawing, writing, clay, wood, metal, etc..)

Because I am behind in doing the Doggie Spotlights lately here is a summery fun dog treat recipe to distract you!

Elise's favorite Peanut Doodles
By Bassetknitter

1 cup plain peanut butter
1 package of unflavored Knox gelatin
1 cup cold water
1 1/2 cups rolled quick oats
small amount of vegetable oil

In a small bowl add the cold water, then sprinkle one package of the gelatin on top and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes to bloom then whip well to blend.
In mixing bowl add the peanut butter and oats and mix until well incorporated.
Add the gelatin mixture and blend well.
With well oiled hands roll into basset hound bite sized balls and place on cookie sheet.
Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours to set.
Dogs love these on hottttt days!
For storing:
line a plastic storage container with waxed paper and layer the cookies in between the peanut butter balls and keep in fridge for up to 12 days.
If your dog is the kind that also likes carrots you can shred on carrot and add to peanut butter mixture but then I would reduce the fridge storage time to 4 to 5 days instead of 12.