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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've been sick...

Penny here. I've been sick this month. Not to worry, because I'm ok now, but I want to alert you to what was wrong.

I had some tummy troubles -- wasn't feeling so well and threw up several times. The last time had blood in it. Mom and Dad took me to the Emergency Vet. Mom was scared that I had Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE), which was something my brother Oscar had a number of times. I had had it when I was only 8 months old. All I knew is that I didn't feel good at all.

The emergency vet was very nice even though they had to stick me a couple of times and take some blood. They measured something called Packed Cell Volume that measured how thick my blood was and it turns out it was too high. I did indeed have HGE again. They told Mom and Dad I'd have to spend the night there to get fluids. Mom was pretty upset about having to leave me, but I knew she'd come back to get me. They shaved my pretty fur off my front leg and put an IV in it to give me fluids, but I still kept throwing up more blood. Took awhile but they got my tummy settled down and I went to sleep.

The next morning, Mom came to get me and I went to my vet and I had to stay again to get more fluids. I guess I was pretty sick since they kept me in the hospital. I got to go home late in the afternoon. Mom got a roasted chicken for me to eat since my tummy was still tender, and she gave me my medicine in pieces of Velveeta cheese. Velveeta cheese is very yummy!!

I wanted everyone to know about HGE because my mom has really researched it on the internet, and it turns out that a lot of dogs die from it because their folks think it's "just an upset tummy" or "just a little diarrhea." They don't take their dogs to the vet in time to get medicine for them. So I want to let people know if their pet doesn't stop having these symptoms after a little while, they need to get them some medical care. It's very important.

I want all dogs to have a long, healthy life so they can boss their people around just like I do!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet summertime...

Link sent in by Rose and MaggieMae.

I wanted to share a bit of information with you all that I just found out. After having HoneyDew for going on 7 years, she has come down with her first bad ear infection. Ear infections are common with any drop ear dog but Bassets are very susceptible to them. The vet prescribed a course of antibiodics for her. I asked him if I get them at the regular drugstore or where could I get them? He explained that Giant Eagle carried them for dogs and this particular type was on a list that Giant Eagle would fill for FREE!

Yes you read that correctly. I didn't know that! All you have to do is show them your Giant Eagle Card. I don't know if you have Giant Eagle in your area, but maybe another grocery chain with a pharmacy may offer this type of program. In this economy, it is worth looking into!

And yes HoneyDew is doing much better.

Happy DOT's,
Tina, HoneyDew and Sampson too.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Urine Screening

In the past we have talked about routine blood testing. This month we will discuss a little about routine urine testing as it often goes hand in hand with blood testing.

Although it can sometimes be a challenge to obtain a urine sample from your pet, it is a very important test, especially in older pets. It is ideal for your vet to evaluate a urine sample on your pet at the time of his or her annual bloodwork and exam.

Urine screening can help the doctor identify systemic diseases such as diabetes or liver disease as well as disease more specific to the urinary tract.

Routine urinalysis can help identify signs of bladder infections, inflammation, and crystals which may eventually lead to bladder stones if left untreated.

Urine testing can also tell us if your pet has protein in the urine which can be a sign of many different disease processes. We can also evaluate the concentration of the urine-this lets us know how well the kidneys are functioning and gives us clues as to if your pet is drinking abnormal amounts of water.

Check with your vet to see when and how they would like the urine sample obtained. For most routine screenings a "free catch" sample is just fine. But if there are specific concerns the doctor may want a more sterile collection method or first catch in the morning for example.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dog Trivia

Did you know:

  • In New Zealand, a dog named Tisha protected and raised orphaned rabbits. 
  • In 1910, Jean the Bitagraph dog (a collie mix), became the first dog to star in American movie.
  • Dog whiskers are called vibrissae. Located on the muzzle, above the eyes and below the jaws, vibrissae can sense very small changes in airflow.
  •  According to legend, a dog named Soter was the only one of fifty watchdogs to survive an attack by invaders and warn the citizens of Corinth of the impending seige.
  • In 1957, a Russian Dog named Laika was the first living creature to go to space.
  • Studies indicate dogs can detect autism in children.
  • From 1993 to 1998, Shanda a golden retriever, was mayor of the small town of Guffey, CO.
  • Saur a dog belonging to a king of Norway during the 11th century became king for three years. The king had been deposed and, when he returned to power, he named Saur king and forced everyone to treat the dog royally because of the indignity the king had suffered.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful week with your royal prince or princesses!
Happy DOT's,
Tina, HoneyDew and Sampson too!