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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Doggie Memorial Spotlight for Fred the Basset

Thank you to all who participated in last weeks 'Doggie Costume Parade'.
I added some more pictures and then linked all the pictures to their blog homes then put up a link to it on the side bar. I wanted to do this last week but I just ran out of time.
So please scroll down and revisit last weeks post to see the updated Doggie Costume Parade.
Also all the treat bags for the participants of the costume parade were mailed out the other day.

Next week I will announce The details of a 'Holiday Dogs Ornament Swap' and I will also add to the side bar the previous Doggie Spotlights also with links their blog homes.

Now for this weeks Doggie Spotlight; it is a special memorial for a special dog.
Chan's and her husbands basset hound Fred went to the rainbow bridge on October 5th this year.
Chan wrote the following for today's post;
"His registered name was Tack Hammer Fred, because my husband's nickname is "Hammer," and because he'd known for years that he wanted a basset named Fred, after the hound in Smokey and the Bandit.

His nicknames were Hooey, Honey Hound, Old Man, Booey, Grumpy, and anything else that came out of our mouths.
He was 11.5 years old, and was Mugsy's constant companion. The only time he was mommy's boy was when it was kibble time, and in the middle of the night, when his Dadaw slept too soundly to be of any use. Oh - or if his Dadaw suggested that climbing onto the sofa might get him a yum-yum...
His favorite food was fresh pink grapefruit. He'd drool a river until I gave him a bite, and then he'd drool more from the sourness. He was also especially fond of chips with dip, raw baby carrots, and ice cream.
He loved to sing with his favorite people, and even learned to sit on his haunches to humor his humans. How I wish I'd gotten a photo of that! Walks were okay, as long as they were at his pace, which meant rather slow, with lots of sniff breaks.
I miss him. While legally and technically the Knight's dog, he sure made footprints all over my heart."
Thank you so much Chan for sharing Fred's memory with us in your time of grief.
I am sending big cyber hugs to you,the knight and Mugsy too.


Channon said...

Mugsy, the Knight and I can't thank you enough, Paula.

Our thanks too to all of you who were so kind and supportive during a very rotten October. We're holding our own, and the three of us will be headed to the beach tomorrow.

Maryellen said...

Looks like Fred had a great life. he was a lucky dog.

Beth said...

Every Bassett I've met had a wonderfully sweet disposition and it looks like Fred was no exception.

Gnat said...

Awe what a cute basset. Looks like he had a great life. Sorry for your loss.

Nichole said...

Wonderful memorial post!

Cactusneedles said...

Ella and I are sorry for your loss.

Donna said...

Fred is your forever friend.

Ms. Diva said...

I am so sorry for your loss.