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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

A big slobbery welcome to the new members this week!

Well, the poll results were quite interesting.
With each answer being pretty equal.
So now I think for the time being we will leave things the way they are and maybe do another poll in about 6 months.
Although a fun idea came up from our webmaster that I thought we would try next Thursday.
Called "Doggie Spotlight."
I will spotlight a dog from our group each week and post about it.
Doesn't that sound like fun?

...and don't forget about the Doggie Costume Contest this month!

This blurry picture is from last year of Elise in her princess costume.
She had quite a bit of puppy still in her then and rarely sat still for photos until this past year.


Gnat said...

I like the idea of the spotlight on a dog each week. :)


Happy Dogs on Thursday!!

Vivian said...

"Doggie Spotlight" sounds like a lot of fun! Look forward to seeing the featured pups :-)

Susan said...

I'm with everyone else -- the spotlight idea sounds good to me!

Andrée said...

dog costume, huh

afraid i won't be in that one! Unless it's Anna's little dog, whom she dresses up!

Andrée said...

thank you so much for being on your doggie blog roll! It's a long one!

may I be a PITA (like these dogs are?): could you please change it to meeyauw and not Andree? Only because it is more "me" and because I am a pain in the a


michico*Adan said...

Very very cute~!
I love this photo~!