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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dogs On Thursday: Doggie Spotlight For Storm

Welcome to Dogs on Thursday Everyone and please bark out a warm welcome to our newest members this week!

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I have to say I have been in awe of some of the wonderful dog charities you guys have been emailing me and thank you so much for expanding my horizon in that area!
I had no idea there were so many wonderful dog organizations.
In the up coming months I am going to post some of these wonderful charities on the side bar.
Please continue to email us your ideas for that Spring activity.
I can't wait to post all the choices out there.
Also I am working to come up with a non sewing/crafting doggie snuggles idea too!
So stay tuned!

...And now for this weeks Doggie Spotlight on Mary's furbaby Storm
"This was Storm at 3mo. old and after her first bath. Our oldest son Tim wanted a dog to keep our other one company and paid for youngest son, Nick to pick her up.
She is Canadian Snow Wolf/Akita mix, born April 13, 1998. Nick said she looks like her mom. She used to be kept outside where she lived before so she really did stink, was dirty and being in Nicks car which was know as the “grease machine” then, she had to have a bath.
She was a real bundle of many storms brewing through the house, always on the go. I made mentioned the name “Storm” and her ears perked and tail wagging she came over to me so the name stuck! Hubby, She loves to be with people. She never liked the leash, so walks were hard to do. She shivers so bad and to this day when you reach for the leash, she hides and shivers something fierce, she hates it! She definitely chose to be “moms” dog. My girls are inside dogs that only go out when they want too or if you are outside.
We do try to spend a lot of time outside if we can, she help me when I redid our backyard, try to give her running room as she liked to do what we called “her Indy 500”.
She likes to play with a football shaped ball and always brought it back to you.
She was great as a pup, always played with the toys and only aggravated our original Lady a few times. This was Storm with me & Lady 1 at Christmas time 1998 and you can see how big she got so fast.
Storm has always been a great watchdog too; her keen senses sense people before they get to the door. When she would hide near me or under my desk I knew we were in for bad weather. She’s a great listener always comes when called, but to this day loud noises, loud people still bothers her some and you don’t get in the door till you’re sniffed to death! LOL She’s a sensitive one and her feelings get hurt if she knows you are mad at her. Usually she just hangs out with mom (now that she’s home with us again or lounges in this position (please excuse the floor and wall, that’s from the baby Lady and we’re in the process of fixing)
Storm loves people and tolerates kids as long as their not too loud. She turns 10 years old this April and we’re going to have a party for her provided she is still with us. When I quit work in Nov. I didn’t know that a week later I would find out that Storm was diagnosed with diabetes. Unfortunately with all the previous vet visits that had to be, kind of put us in a financial crunch so I’ve been trying different things on my own to help lower her glucose numbers. I keep a watchful eye on her as she’s already shown signs of not being able to see properly, but I’m a patient person. I also am working on trying to get a glucometer or something to help me out, but am happy to say something is working as her insulin cc. we’ve been dropping down a number each week and so far we’re down to 18cc instead of 21cc and she hasn’t had a spell. She’s been our bouncy, perky, a little bit older pup again. She’s our special baby girl!"


Paula said...

Storm you are such a great dog!

I am so sorry about your diabetes.
I am a diabetic too and I have an extra glucometer and strips I can mail you! You may just need the lancets, but let me check, I might have a extra box I can send you too.

Anonymous said...

Loved the photo of Storm on her back. I hope you continue to keep her diabetes under control.

Anonymous said...

She's so cute!!! I'm sorry to hear about the diabetes- its a tough disease to nail down sometimes!

Cindy said...

What an exquisite pup. It's so hard when they are sick and we can't do "everything" to help them. It does sound like you're headed in the right direction. Thanks for her story.

vegasangelbrat said...

Thank you all so much for all the nice commments! and Thank you so much Paula for your generous offering of your extra glucosemeter! That will help out alot! Storm & I Thank you bunches!!

I noticed I attached a wrong pic, though she's laying in the same position, you just don't get to see my kitchen floor and wall

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Woo, hoo my friend! Pleasant surprise to see you and the furry ones on here this morning.

The Princess said...

Storm is adorable! You guys sound like things are going well with her diabetes. Its tough but she sounds like a very happy dog!

Nichole said...

Storm is a beauty!
Thanks Natalie for the great button!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog- with such expressive eyes~!!!

Sharon said...

Storm is a beautiful dog! I'm sorry to hear about her diabetes, but how wonderful for her that she's in a home where she's being lovingly cared for.

Jennifer said...

What a great pup - she is lucky to have such great people caring for her!