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Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Doggie Spotlight For Ella

Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday!

Welcome to the newest members of the Doggie Blog Roll.
It sure is growing!

I hope everyone is staying warm and dry on this(super bizarre weather for February, in some parts of the nation)wintry day!

Yesterday I emailed out the Doggie Valentines mailing list for those that want to participate.

I know there was a little confusion about this card only swap.
I am sorry. I will get better at this as time goes on. :)
In the Spring we will be doing the ‘one to one secret dog swap’ and so I didn’t want to cause a stress with two big swaps so close together and thought this simple little Valentine card exchange would be great fun!
If there are any questions, corrections or if forgot someone that wanted to participate (I hope I didn't and I am sorry if I did) please email me and I will fix it.

Please notice the side bar voting poll thingy for the upcoming Spring Dog Snuggle Project.
There were soooo many great dog charities suggested by you guys.
I am thinking that we could leave the voting poll thingy on the side bar until February 28th.
As you think of more dog charities please email them to me or Natalie and we will add them to the poll.

We have been gathering snuggle patterns for this activity for the side bar too and I have one idea for a non-sewing snuggle for those that are not crafters and want to participate in this activity.
If anyone has an idea for a non-sewing/crocheted/knitted snuggle or even a pattern for a knitted, sewn, or crocheted snuggle please email me or Natalie with it. for this weeks Doggie Spotlight about Cactusneedlles adorable Ella!

Ella’s Story:

"Ella came to us in February of 2006, about two months after we had to put our 12-year old pug Nina down due to old age.
It was a very sad time for us as a family, as Nina had been my kid’s constant companion and mine since before they were born.
Anyway, it was one Saturday afternoon in February that we were going to Home Depot, and my Hubby turned to me and said that we should go to Petsmart (our local animal shelter takes the dogs to the stores to give them more exposure) and see what dogs were there.
So…needless to say, we walked out of Petsmart an hour later with the paperwork for Ella in our hands!
And took her home with us on the following Monday afternoon.

Ever since that day, Ella has ensconced herself in our house and our world.
She gets daily walks, rain or shine, hot or cold.
She loves to run in the desert (we have a big patch of desert between two housing developments) where she gets to be a dog!
She chases the rabbits, and when the little lizards are out and about, hop the bushes like she has springs in her feet!
It’s very difficult to get a picture of her doing that, so you’ll have to picture Ella jumping straight up in the air about 2to 3 feet high and then landing and running and then hopping again.

From some of the pictures, it looks as if she’s a big couch potato.
And she is! She loves to curl up in a ball on the couch and can sleep for hours on end!

Ella has been a great addition to our house these past two years, and I’m so glad we found her (or she found us)."

*(Ella’s Note: Woof, woof, whine, woof, whine.) That goes out to all her doggie friends!


Cactusneedles said...

Ella is so proud today! She sends out woofs and doggie love to all her friends out there!!

Anonymous said...

What a happy story! Woofs to you too Ella...

Gnat said...

Awe...what a cutie!!

Cindy said...

What a dear story. I'm so glad darlin' Ella came into your lives. Don't you wish we could save them all?

monica said...

She's adorable! I have a dog named Ella too and your Ella looks like a mini-version of my Ella. :)

vegasangelbrat said...

Big belly rubs to Ella, sure looks like she loves her toys
thanks for sharing her story, she is a cutie! Woofs to you too.

Anonymous said...

So glad she found a happy home with you. Some of the best dogs come from the shelters. I think maybe the experience there makes them appreciate their new homes even more. She certainly looks like she's having a great time.

Sonya said...

Hi Ella!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Ella is so adorable. Love the last pic of her!

Donna said...

Ella is a sweatheart and Oliver thinks she is very cute! She has been a friend for some time and we love Ella!