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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dogs On Thursday Doggie Spotlight For Lady

"If you can't decide between a Shepherd, a Setter or a Poodle, get them all ... and adopt a mutt!" ~ASPCA

Welcome to this weeks edition of Dogs On Thursday.
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Please go see Nichole she is having a contest in honor of today's ASPCA day!
She has some awesome prizes too!

I hope everyone in the Spring Secret Swap is having fun putting together their boxes they should be going out in the mail soon if not already in the mail.
Don't forget the swap ends April 15th (in 5 days)
If you are going to be late (I know all about life getting in the way) Just email your pal and let her know or email me and I will let her know.
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There was some confusion during this swap as the minimum amount to spend and I apologize for that and will work on better organization for the next swap.
...Speaking of the next swap I was thinking of one for later in the summer like a "Dog Days of Summer Swap." To run from July 3rd to August 21st.

DoT Snuggle Project is still running until the 30th of this month.
Don't forget to let me or Natalie know if you make a snuggle and donate it to your favorite dog charity, if it is for the DoT Snuggle Project or even another snuggle project and you will make or have made a snuggle between March 6th and April 30th I will put your name in a drawing for each snuggle made and on April 31st I will draw one name and send that name a prize.

Today's Doggie Spotlight is on
Mary's (akaVegasangelbrat ) sweet furbaby Lady.
Please go visit Mary and Lady and send them your cyber hugs as they are both grieving the loss of their beloved Storm and Electra who have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday this week.

"Our Baby Jane (Lady)

Lady- what can we say about this little demon-oid that joined our family around March of 06. I stumbled up on a website called Rashauns Siberians in AZ. when I was looking for a new puppy. This little girl was to replace one we lost a few years before so we knew we wanted another Husky.
The men in this house wanted to call her Lady after our other girl, but this one is no Lady by far, lol. She does answer to it, but most of the time we call her Lady, Lady Baby, and the best one yet, Lady Jane, she seems to come to me more with that one and calling her Brat.
She was born January 25, 2006. This is what she did when we brought her home.

She has grown so fast and she loved to terrorize my one cat Dyna! These two just go back and forth. She never bothered Electra, just Dyna and I think it maybe because Dyna is my skiddish one, slightest noise makes her run. We had this cat tree that Lady thought was for her even though it was really for the cats,

but I can say at least it got some use, was just glad the camera was available when it happened. I call her my demon-oid cause I can’t tell you how many times she gotten into my yarns. She love yarn fibers. Never chewed them up just unraveled and covered the living room floor so you couldn’t see the carpet. Of course its one I don’t have a pic of that one but do have this little one she did,

but with this face who could be mad, she knows she does wrong, she runs to the bottom step and sits and gets this pitiful look on her face, that I have to turn and laugh under my breath, lol I haven’t been able to get a pic of that one yet, but it makes me smile and love her more!
Our little Miss thinks she’s a lap dog too.

She has no problems laying on you or beside you,

she just wants to be with you.
She loves the squeaky toys though she does tear them up. She likes to get that squeaker out. I’m hoping to either find or make one that will not fall apart so quick. Sometimes we use the little squeakers to get her to come in as she likes to gate watch a lot and will ignore you, lol.

Unfortunately Lady is the only dog we have now and she only has Dyna now to run after.
If anyone has any ideas for what material to use to make a squeaky dog toy, please comment or send an email to me. I’ll be concentrating on getting her through the grief of losing her 2 friends. Thought if I could make her her favorite toy, that would help.
I liked to also Thank you all also for the thoughts & Prayers you’ve sent. I’m sure they’ve helped! Thank you Paula especially."


Paula said...

Thank you Mary and Thank you for letting us post about Lady today!
She is such a sweet and adorable furbaby and Elise and I send our prayers, hugs and healing slobber your way (well Elise sends the slober anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Funny how the names we choose don't always seem ideal later. Sissy is no lady either! ;)

We're sending healing drool, hugs and prayers your way too.

Cindy said...

Lady is a beautiful dog. Of course she's bad. She knows she's adorable and can get away with anything. I"m sorry about her (and your) loss. It hurts them more than we can know and we do know how much we love our "kids."

Nichole said...

What an adorable fuzz ball pup she was/is! :)
If she likes soft toys and won't tear them apart if there's no squeaker (but will still cuddle/play with it), Planet Dog was a "drool more, squeak less" (or something like that) bone that we got for our kids. There's no squeaky in it and its made of a neat material.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

She is such a doll. I just cried when her pals had to go to the rainbow bridge.

Anonymous said...

Those puppy pictures are so cute!!!

Sonya said...

She is just gorgeous!
I hope the broken hearts will be on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see you and Lady featured today after the terrible week you've had. I hope you're beginning to adjust to your loss. I know it's a hard thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Lady, what a sweet and adorable pup! You behave for your mum, and keep out of the yarn.. ;-) Give her lots of doggie loving as she really needs it right now. I know she'll give it right back because you surely need it too!

Heather said...

What a beautiful looking dog. I love that she a lap dog!