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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Written on the collar of Mrs. Dingley's Dog:
"Pray steal me not, I am Mrs. Dingley's, Whose Heart in this four legged thing lies."
~Jonathan Swift

Happy Springtime and Dogs On Thursday!

This is a quick, quick and short post for today.

First off, please go visit our newest member: Kathy
(sorry I haven't listed in the past who the new members were, but we will amend that today by starting to list them on the weekly DoT posts.)

Just a reminder: The DoT Spring Secret Swap has ended and if you haven't sent your package yet please contact your pal to let her know (or me and I will let her know) you are running late.

If help is needed for this package please contact me for an Angel.

Also, if you have not done so already please don't forget to contact your (now reveled) secret pals and thank them.

There have been some really fabulous packages I have been seeing on your blogs and I want to thank everyone who participated in the swap for such wonderfully creative ideas.

For example please go visit Mindy's blog she had a special charm bracelet made for her swap pal with her dogs on it annnd a Dogs on Thursday logo!

She is trying to contact the lady who made it to see if she can make more for those of you that want one too.

I will post how's and where's on the side bar as soon as we find out if she will make more.

Don't forget that the Dot Snuggle project is still running until April 30th and go by the DoT Snuggle Project blog and see the new snuggles our members are making!

Katie has done a wonderful step by step demonstration on her blog on how to make a No Sew Snuggle!

And... don't forget about Nichole's contest too!

I hope everyone has a barkingly wonderful day!


Nichole said...

Glad Kathy joined us! Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Kathy!

I'm wearing my DoT charm...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the spring swap. Thanks for putting it together.