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Friday, May 30, 2008

Doggie Spotlight on Magnus! a day late.

Happy Dogs on Thursday on Friday!!

I'm sorry I'm a day late. Yesterday was 8th grade graduation at my school and I was busy all day and today is my last day but I'm heading in late so I wanted to get this up now. I start my new job on Monday!! Enough about me. I hope everyone is having a great week. Paula gets back today from her trip so try to stop by her blog and say welcome back.

Today's Doggie Spotlight is on Heather's Magnus.

Most people, who do not love dogs, upon seeing Magnus are terrified! I have no idea why, he is the most gentle dog I have ever known. He loves kids and lets them play with his ears, tail and climb him. Our five year old used to use him as a way to get on the couch when she was very small!

Magnus was brought home by my husband, Ken, to be his dog, in November of 1999. I can not say that I was thrilled, in fact, I was overwhelmed, we had two other dogs already. However, he was such a cute little puppy, with one major ability, he could get out of any kennel. I know sounds unlikely, but true, we finally gave up and penned him up in our Kitchen with the other 2 dogs, Blake and Kelsey and he was fine. He has even gotten out of a 9 foot high outdoor kennel. He does not like to be caged!

In time, Magnus became my dog, all 95lbs of wanna be lap sitting dog. Poor Ken, Magnus follows me everywhere, and when he lost his best friend Blake in September of 2006 he would not let me out of his sight. Magnus, took the loss of Blake very hard, I had to take him to work everyday for 2 months until we found a solution: Blue our new dog. You can see how much he loves her.

I have to say for a dog I was not sure about, he has turned into my best friend and a cherished and well loved member of our family!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!


Firefly Nights said...

Must be his size. Some people love small dogs but just think larger dogs can be agressive which is usually not the case. He sounds like a great dog.

Cactusneedles said...

That's a great story. He has such a sweet face!

vegasangelbrat said...

Such a gorgeous doggie! Love them big dogs and have to laugh at them all thnking they are mine defintely are lapdogs and don't care how they sit on

Anonymous said...

Your Magnus is adorable! I loved your story. He has such a big heart. Thank you for sharing. He is a real cutie.