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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Doggie Spotlight for Lola

Welcome everyone and to our newest member Madame Purl to this weeks Dogs on Thursday.

It is July already and Dogs on Thursday will be 1 year old next Thursday July 10th!
There will be a contest in celebration of our 1st anniversary and it will be announced next week so stay tuned!

Also, the sign ups for our Dog Days of Summer Secret Swap are still open and will close at midnight July 8th.
I will then sort out and email the matches on the 9th.
The swap runs from July 10th to August 28th.
It is a secret swap and here are the rules.
So far we have 7 signed up!
We need more so please join in the fun!

Tomorrow is America's Independence Day and I hope everyone has a most exciting and safe holiday!
Our Elise and the felines will be celebrating that night under the bed once the fireworks start.
I received these wonderful 4th of July dog safety tips from Mindy and I will surely be utilizing many of those ideas to help Elise.
Another dear friend told me she turns up the TV and the fans to help buffer the noise for her K9's.
If you have any helpful tips on how to help our furry friends during this trying holiday for them please post it in the comments box today!

Nichole also sent me this great safety alert about The Dangers of Xylitol.
Did you know that Xylitol, a sugar substitute (artificial sweetener) that's found in chewing gum, hard candy, gum drops, sugar-free pudding, jello, diabetic foods, baked goods and toothpaste, can be fatal to pets?
To keep your pets safe from this harmful substance, please keep foods containing Xylitol, well out of their reach. It could save their lives. Even a very small amount of Xylitol can be potentially life-threatening.
Xylitol causes mass insulin release in dogs, leading to sudden hypoglycemia, a drop in blood sugar levels. Dogs can show symptoms in as little as 20 minutes, or as late as 12 hours. Symptoms include ataxia (staggering gait), depression, lethargy, confusion, seizures & in some cases, death.
If you suspect your pet has eaten a food or candy containing Xylitol, call your local emergency vet immediately to let them know you're on your way, and go straight there for urgent treatment. You can also call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for advice, on (888) 426-4435 but it is crucial not to delay medical attention because of the very sudden effects of consumption.

Today's Spotlight is on Nichole's Lola
Lola also has a fun "Dogster" page you can visit here.
Happy Birthday Lola!

Lola will be turning 6 years old on July 4th and has always been known as my "Baby Girl," but now "The Queen" seems more fitting, since little sister Sophie (aka The Princess) joined the pack last October.

We got Lola from the local humane society at 4 months of age when we realized Zeus really needed a sibling/playmate... she was listed on Petfinder as a Boxer mix, but when we went to visit her we knew that was obviously NOT the case!

She was found as a stray in the local woods and our best guess is a Doberman/Lab mix.
I actually want to get the new Doggy DNA test done on her to find out for sure, since she is such a great dog with an amazing temperament.

She is very loving and affectionate (a trait of Dobermans!) and all around, a wonderful dog.

She is never far from one of her humans!

Lola is a lickasoris... she licks EVERYTHING... humans (naked legs & ears are the best!), dogs (she's always been very motherly towards the other dogs), the floor, tables, chairs... anything!

We had thought that perhaps she might be part blind due to all the licking, but are confident that is not the case.
Lola loves empty plastic bottles (iced tea, juice, etc) and carries them around like they are a prize! She also loves to play with her bones, squeaky toys and stuffed animals.

Lola has 3 siblings, an older brother Zeus, a younger brother Teutul (Tut) and a younger sister Sophie. Lola & Teutul will be appearing on the "smiling" pages of The BARk! magazine in the July 2008 issue.


vegasangelbrat said...

Hope you enjoy your cake, sure looks yumious!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday Lola!
What a great dog she is.

P.S. I think Elise is also a lickasoris!

Channon said...

Happy birthday Lola girl!!!

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, Sweet Lola,
Happy Birthday to youuuuu!

Kisses from Emma, Tara & Cooper

dogyarnfun said...

Happy Birthday Lola. Hope you get lots of yummies.

Beth said...

Lola, you are beautiful, gorgeous, and sweet! Happy Birthday! :)

Gnat said...

Lola is just the cutest!! Happy Birthday!! DOT AND LOLA!!

Nichole said...

Lola says WOOF and sends lots of sloppy wet kisses to all. She can't wait to get her bday cake tomorrow (she snuck a peak of Mommy bringing it home yesterday) - that pic was her 4th bday cake!

Stop by and visit for her birthday picture post tomorrow...

Thanks Paula!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lola. You are a Yanky Doodle Dandy! We checked out your web page. It is so cute and we just love all of your pictures.

Kenyetta said...

Happy Birthday LOLA!!!!!
from Diamond and Snoop

Madame Purl said...

Happy Birthday Lola!

dogquilter said...

Happy Birthday Lola! Let there be plenty of cake and ice cream in your future!!

Sharon said...

Happy birthday Lola
We have a baby now also he is a shih tzu. He is the best little friend and he does help keep us young.
Have a nice day