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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday!
I have to do a quickie post as we are having thunderstorms here today and the power has gone out and come back on already several times while I was trying to post this morning.

For those that are in the DoT's Dog Days Of Summer Secret Swap;
I hope you are having a fun time collecting items for your pal and her dog(s).
If you haven't already contacted your pal please do so.
You can send a snail mail card, anonymous message on her blog (if her blog allows them), or send an email from a secret email account, or send an e-card.
Also if you have any questions or troubles please contact me or Natalie.

Here is a re-cap of DoT's Bloggerversary Contest that is going to run until September 10th;
Create a Representation of Your Dog(s)!
This can be achieved in any creative form, such as painting, drawing, quilt, poem, knitting, crochet, sculpture, etc... The ideas are endless and so use your imagination to your wildest extent!
There will be two categories for the prizes.
Category A: A representation using Fiber (ie, fabric, yarn, unspun wool, cotton, yarn/fabric dyeing, etc...
Category B: A representation not using Fiber (ie, painting, drawing, writing, clay, wood, metal, etc..)

Oh there goes another crack of lightening I better post and get off of here quick.
I hope everyone has a cool and comfortable week!

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