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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doggie Spotlight on Maizy!

Hi, Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday Post!

We've got a ton this week to share so here we go:

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3.) Nichole from Lapdogcreations did a review on the new Rachel Ray's Nutrish for Pets. Please go over and check out what she had to say.
She has been doing a lot of great reviews lately! for our Doggie Spotlight on Tina's Maizy!!

Maizy is our 8-year-old Boston Terrier. Her full AKC name is "Lil Cherokee Baby Doll Maizy". Not only is she the smartest thing on four legs, I have to say she's my soul mate and constant shadow. If I'm walking, she's trotting along beside me; if I'm at the computer, she's curled up in her doggie bed underneath the desk; if I'm relaxing on the couch on in the bed, she's lying right there next to me. She's bossy and knows she's second in command around here. If I'm fussing at the kids or my husband, Maizy barks her disapproval right along with mine. Of course, she doesn't know she's a D-O-G, but truly believes herself to be human.

She would be mad at me if I didn't list her many amazing talents, so here it goes. She has earned her CGC, plus she is very talented at Obedience and Agility, the later of which she absolutely loves. No only does she like to compete, she won the very first Rally trail she entered. She learned tricks quicker than anything I've ever seen, mastering "Roll Over" inside of ten minutes when she was a few months old. She fetches her toys until my arm is about to fall off. If I'm not in the mood for tossing the balls she brings back to me, she'll drop it on my lap, tap me with her leg with her paw, and nag by barking at me until I throw it again. Did I mention that she is the world's naggingest dog? If my husband is in the kitchen, she'll look at the cabinet (where are treats are kept), then at him, barking until he gives her something delicious to eat.

But, back to her myriad of talents. She knows all the basics like sit, down, stay, come, heel, and wait. She mastered all of the agility obstacles including the see-saw, hoop, A-frame, tunnels, weave poles, and she will do the chute although it's not her favorite. She can shake hands, wave, high five, and eat food off a fork (well, all my spoiled little dogs can do that, but she was the first to learn it). She is also a math whiz, a favorite trick for little kids and my dad to watch! If I give her any math problem with an answer less than ten, she will bark out the answer. When my kids had problems in math, they loved it when I let her help them with it. This is a smart little cookie, too, performing square roots and multiplication without a calculator!

I honestly don't know what I'd do without my little Maizy. She has a heart as big as her smile.

Feel free to check out her personal webpage at .

Hope you enjoyed this weeks DOT post!! Don't forget if you have any questions please feel free to email me at gnat(at)barknknit(dot)com or Paula at paulaliden(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy Barking!!


Nichole said...

I just adore Maizy! Love bostons!

Soxnitter said...

What a great dog!

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh Wow what a great post! Great pics and background on Maizy!

I can't put my info in the winki thingie till I'm home, that part doesn't work at work but I posted and On Time!!!

Channon said...

I grew up with a couple of Bostons and still have secret hopes that my hubby will get over his big dog fetish and want a Boston next...

Kenyetta said...

From one Boston to another- Great Post!

Peggy said...

1st Time on DOT! Was I suppose to join somewhere? Anyways nex time I won't put my blog title...sometimes there is more than one Peggy!

I just adore Tina's Maizy!She really does look like she has a "heart as big as her smile!"

Very precious post and lovely background on this special friend!

I grew up with a dog that looks just like her. She was my neighbor's dog and similar name Mitzy...same coloring but I don't think she was as smart as Maizy!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Maizy wanted me to post in to say "THANKS" for letting her be the Spotlight Dog, and for all the sweet comments.

(PS She is still in Diva mode. Help! I think she is going to demand a diamond collar or some such nonsense! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Maizy is a real sweet heart. Charli and I send hugs her way.

Serendipity said...

Hi! It's my first visit here. Get to know about this site from Peggy and a visit from Charli and Me. Dogs on Thursday is wonderful! I'd love to participate too.

Maizy is such a sweetie! Hugs and cuddles to her from me and wags and licks from Happy for her.

Serendipity n Happy

Paula said...
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Paula said...

What a great pal Maizy is!
I just think she is the most talented dog!
I may have to ask her to help tutor me in my math class this semester!