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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dogs on Thursday... Where did the summer go?

Welcome to this week's Dogs on Thursday post. We still have the Dog Days of Summer swap wrapping up so if you haven't received or sent your package please let either me or Paula know.

We have three new Members: KO, Cheryl, and NikkiCrumpet. Welcome, welcome, welcome!! Please head over and say hello to them. We have grown so much in the past year! It's amazing!

Please head over and send cyber hugs and healing dog drools to Chan, her husband and Sissy. Chan and her husband's Mugsy Cornelius went to the rainbow bridge on August 23, 2008.

October 5, 1995 - August 23, 2008

Hope everyone is safe from Tropical Store Fay and those who are in line for this next storm, Hurricane Gustav, stay safe and keep your furbabies as safe as possible. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers. Also please feel free to let us know if you need anything.

Also some important Recall news. Nichole from has found this Dangerous Dog Toy Alert.
(Item #20227-001, UPC Code 0 4566320227 9)

The company's statement on their site is the following: "Four Paws is deeply concerned about reports of injuries suffered by some dogs as a result of a manufacturing defect in some of its Pimple Ball with Bell toys. We have stopped shipping the toys to our distributors and asked them to have retailers remove the toys from their shelves immediately and return them at Four Paws expense."

Please take note if you have the toy and take it away from you furbaby. We have added a new feature on our side bar for Pet Product Recalls and Updates. Please let us know if you find anything that comes up and check back often to see things we've added.

Hope everyone is having a good week and is getting your family and yourself ready for the beginning of the school year. And for those who have already started we hope that everything went smoothly.


Channon said...

Thank you, Gnat, Paula... and all who've been so supportive through this difficult time...

Peggy said...

Awwww DOT...such sad news...Sorry Chan and hubby for the loss of your sweet friend, Mugsy Cornelius!
He definitely looks like a fun Prince! I'm sure this time is difficult! BIG HUGS!!!Good photo for memories!

Thanks DOT for all the good info!
Have a happy DOG weekend!

ko said...

Thanks for including me! I love your go check out my blog for today! I have something for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of the sweet prince!

vegasangelbrat said...

Our Thoughts & Prayers have been out for Chan and family!!
Lots of talk from lady and Coco send her many voices to say it will be okay!

Thanks for the heads up on the toy!

She Seeketh Wool & Flax said...

Hi, Just found your blog and I love it. I signed up for Thurday dog day, I think that's what you called it. I am an animal lover, dogs, cats as long as it's an animal I love it.
Check out my blog:

MyJourneyBack said...

Daisy and I just joined. And I wrote a post to introduce you.
But blogger isn't working so I couldn't post photos but go to my Sunday post and see Daisy. I just found you at Happy's blog so we wanted to join.
What a cool meme. Daisy is Happy.
Come by and see us.
Have a happy Friday.

Serendipity said...

Sorry to hear about Chan's loss. Heading over for a visit.

The toy incident is really scary. Poor Chai...Glad he's doing better now though.

imjacobsmom said...

Hi, I posted a picture of my dog Miles, I entered, then I forgot to leave a message -my bad! I'm a computer nerd, I guess. Maybe I'll figure it out one of these days....anyhoo, I enjoyed sharing the other posts -what a neat idea! Robyn

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm so glad I found this site! How fun! After my Thursday Bible study is over, I'd like to try this. I have a little Yorkie.

She Seeketh Wool & Flax said...

Good Afternoon,
I have a post on my blog regarding the dogs saved from Gustav, please stop by and say HI. I am animal friendly and love all of our four legged friends, no matter. I have 3 dogs and 6 cats
Blessings~Cheryl V