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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dogs On Thursday

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them,
filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.”
~Thom Jones

Sorry I am running late this morning and for this being a brief Dogs on Thursday.

Please Welcome out newest member DK and go over and visit her blog today and give a warm Hello!

I am slowly doing maintenance on the blog all this month so if you haven't already please check for your name on the blogroll and then click on it to make sure it goes to the right blogsite.
If you would like me to change your blogroll name and/or site please email me.

We are doing the "Winter Ornament Swap" again this year!
So far it looks like it is going to be a good turnout but there is still time to send me your questionnaire and we really do need a few more players.

Sign ups will continue to run until November 15th at midnight then I will do the matching and email you your swap pal information by November 18th.
This Swap will end on Dec. 29th
Rules: Make, Create or Purchase a special ornament for your swap pal dog or dogs family and include a favorite special treat for that dog(and their doggie brothers and sisters if you get a multi dog family.)
Use your imagination and have fun. Please mail your package to your pal by Dec. 20th.
I am not putting a price on this simple swap because it is the season and I know that each of you will exhibit much kindness to each other in being creative in your swap and I don't want to inhibit your ideas with a price.

Here is a the questionnaire:
1.)How many dogs have you?
2.)What is/are your Dogs name?
3.)What Winter holiday you celebrate?
4.)Do you or your dog(s) have any allergies?
5.)What is your snail mail address?
6.)What is your Email address?
7.)What is/are your Dogs favorite treats/kind of toys?
8.)Anything else you would like to share about your dog(s)
9.)What are your favorite colors?
make your gift more special.
If you want to play, please email your completed questionnaire to me by midnight Saturday, November 15th.

With winter breathing upon us her are some winter paw care tips.
And additional tip from Tina S: Instead of using rock salt or de-icer on your walkways, steps or porch, especially the ones your pets use, try clay kitty litter. It provides the traction without drying out or cracking your pets feet!
Have a fun and weekend everyone!


Tina S. said...

Thank you for the paw winter care tips! This is especially helpful in my area as we get a lot of snow and ice.

An additional tip: instead of using rock salt or de-icer on your walkways, steps or porch, especially the ones your pets use, try clay kitty litter. It provides the traction without drying out or cracking your pets feet!

Gnat said...

Not sure I can handle a swap right now! I'm excited to see what people send but my wedding is Dec 20th and front now until then my life is going to get a bit hectic! :)

We don't have to deal with winter paw care down here in FL but I want to take them to see snow some day! I think they would both love it!

Paula said...

That is an excellent idea Tina I wil add it to the post!

Nat, we are soooo excited about your wedding!

Channon said...

Welcome, DK!

Sissy would like you to insist that I walk her in the rain with an umbrella... Gretchen says it's too cold!

Mindy said...

The link to my name in the blog roll works fine :)

I am looking foward to doing the swap since I sat out on the last one.

p.s. - I have lots of Zeus photos today (posted some old ones) so come see them!

Cathy said...

Hi, all; welcome DK! I posted really early - actually I figured out how to schedule posts - how cool is that?!

Serendipity said...

That's a good tip for winter although I don't have winter in my country. Good and bad...

My link on your blogroll is fine :-)

Wish I could join in on the swap but I'm quite a distance away, across the globe.