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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dogs On Thursday: Spotlight on Thor

“For me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs,
a happy tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog.”
~Roger Caras

Welcome to this weeks edition of Dogs on Thursday!
Please go over and say a warm hello and welcome Rachel and her cute dog Sophie to our group.

For those of you participating in the DoT Dogs Ornament Swap, I have already emailed you your swap pals. If you have not received your swap pal please email me.

This was to be a secret swap and everyone has someone different this year, although I wasn't very clear on this and I apologise. So a semi secret swap is okay.
If you already know who you have or who has you, just sport a case of sudden amnesia when you package comes to you from your pal.
Here is a recap of some important swap rules:
This Swap will end on Dec. 29th
Rules: Make, Create or Purchase a special ornament for your swap pal dog or dogs family and include a favorite special treat for that dog(and their doggie brothers and sisters if you get a multi dog family, usually a bag/box of treats is plenty.)
Use your imagination and have fun.
Please don't forget to mail your package to your pal no later than Dec. 20th.
(because life happens and there are many detoured plans so if you are running late please email or your pal to let her know...and if you need help also don't hesitate to email me.)

Go Check out Nichole's blog today for a review of L.L. Beans/Planet Dogs Naughty and Nice Dogs Hoiliday Tote.

We have a Doggie Spotlight today!
Meet Thor who owns Marjie and her family:
Thor was born May 5, 2001. Weighing in under 3 pounds, he's now about 100 times that weight! Thor was one baby from 2 litters born days apart totalling 25 pups, so he certainly felt right at home in the household of 9 two-legged puppies which he joined at 7 weeks.
Thor's people include 6 human brothers and 3 human sisters. He's also been known to round up the odd cat who wanders through the yard, because all dogs know cats really just want to play with dogs. He also plays with the guinea pigs, although those critters are so small that they can confuse a guy.
Thor doesn't go upstairs, nor does he sit on the furniture, although he has been known to sit on some of his people on the furniture, upon occasion (just so Mom doesn't catch him!).
Thor's brothers sometimes bring him home dinosaur femurs, which have to be sawn in half so Thor can trot around with them.
He has a lobster, who recently had open heart and claw surgery.
But a guy with big teeth sometimes does damage he doesn't know about!
Thor also has a rope to play "Pull!" with (he has pulled apart the previous 3 ropes). Mostly, Thor likes to sit in the middle of his people, or romp in the yard with his boys.
For Thor's 7th birthday, he had applesauce cake with meringue topping. Hooray! Finally, a guy gets the recognition he deserves, and gets dessert!
Some people refer to English Mastiffs as "gentle giants", and in the case of ours, the title certainly fits!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Edit: For some reason beyond my comprehension Mr. Linky is having linking problems and some names (includinging mine) had to be reentered as they were lost in cyber space. So if you see you name moving around the link list that is why. I will try and keep an eye on it today.


Paula said...

I just love how gentle Thor is for such a big guy.
He looks like he might eat that guinea pig but I bet he just gave him a big wet sniff and a kiss instead!

Gnat said...

Thor is too cute!! If Special K had his way, we would be getting a English Mastiff puppy! ;) What a sweet story!

Marjie said...

The guinea pig nibbled Thor's nose, which really confused poor Thor! Thor has been known to finish the piggy's carrot when the piggy doesn't! Thank you for spotlighting our boy!

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh what a great story and beautiful furbaby!! Nice to know they are so gentle!

Channon said...

Yet again, I'm glad the Knight isn't around. Thor would make it too easy for him to talk me into a house pony!

gaylen said...

Marjie - he is such a doll. I love the puppy picture with the puppy tummy! It's great. Would have loved to see him at 3#. Nose to nose with the piggy - priceless. g

Tina. said...

We have friends that have to English Mastiff's and you are absolutely correct, they are the gentlest dogs. At the archery club picnic they were there also and a two year old was leading one of the mastiffs around by his leash. It was just too cute!

Kathy R said...

Thor looks like such a nice dog. I'm glad he got that cake for his birthday.

Cindy said...

That Thor is the most gorgeous boy. Give him a hug for me will you?

Cathy said...

Woof - Thor is WOW - one big doggie!

Vivian said...

Thor is a gentle giant indeed. That's a lot of hoomans to hang out with and sounds like he have a good time enjoying it.

Kenyetta said...

Thor is so handsome! I love the picture with the guinea pig!

Anonymous said...

Thor is so regal. We have a Mastif across the street and he seems gentle too. Happy Birthday Thor! Please give him a great big hug from Charli and Me.

soulbrush said...

i am so afraid of big dogs, as i was bitten by a friend's alsatian as a girl, but thor looks sooo loving and gentle, he's a really handsome chap.

imjacobsmom said...

Wow! Thor is one big dog! But so sweet and gentle! Oops Thursday got away from me this week. Wednesday felt like Tuesday to me this week and yesterday felt like Wednesday because my assistant switched her day off on me and it just threw me off - has that ever happened to you? See you next Thursday! ~ Robyn

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Rudi gives a double woof out to Thor!

Also, he just loves the nice doggie piscuits his sweethearts sent to him.
Owner Laura is going to make him a new snuggle blanket with the beautiful fabric.