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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dogs on Thursday: Spotlight for Snuffles

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."
~Louis Sabin

Welcome to this weeks edition of Dogs on Thursday!

A big welcome our newest member Maria from Vienna, to our group and please go visit her awesome blog and say hello!

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a full and blessed event last week.
Is everyone ready for winter now?
Elise likes about 10 to 15 minutes of walking in the snowy paths then she is ready to come back inside the warm house to eat and take her naps on her favorite cozy blanket!

Here is a fun link sent to me this week by Pooch on what your dog says about you.
It doesn't have all breeds of dogs but is fun to read.

Todays Doggie Spotlight is on Snuffles one of our new DoT members who is owned by Soulbrush.

"Snuffles was born in Thailand on 15 May 2001. She was sent with a huge black Rottweiler, to live with a family in Kuwait. The children preferred the bigger dog and the 18 month old child was kicking this little thing. So, luckily, the father decided to sell her. We saw an advert in the local supermarket,
showing her face and written all in Arabic. So we got the Manager to translate it for us. We arranged to meet in an overcrowded parking lot, early in August, with the temperature soaring at 50 degrees celsius. The man lifted this little ball of fluff out of his car, and put her on the blisteringly hot pavement, and she scuttled over to me, and I swept her into my arms, and that was that! Love at first sight! He asked for an exhorbitant amount of money which made my husband hesitate, but by then I was prepared to pay anything to have her. She was a ball of mischief from the word go, and got into all sorts of trouble. Whenever people saw me carrying her, they always thought she was a stuffed dog toy, till she moved!
One day, while licking my ear with absolute glee, she swallowed my little earring, which I couldn't find later in the day. We rushed her off to the vet who anaesthetised her, x rayed her belly, and found the earring. She was given a very strong dose of laxatives and we had to check her feces very carefully the next three days. No earring. Back we went to the vet, same palarva all over again, and the x ray showed that it was had been passed out of the body. Thank goodness. We took her for very short walks in the cooler evenings, and she liked the beach a lot and still does.
But mostly, she was an indoor dog and also loved coming with us in the car. When the Kuwait war came along in 2003, we decided that we should leave and return to the UK. She was sent to live with some expat friends outside Paris, to complete her 6 months quarantine period, before entering England. I knew that she would just not cope in a kennel here in this bitterly cold country away from us and the warm desert sands. I returned to London in August 2003 and my Hubby fetched her early 2004 and brought her with him to London. Her first visit to a park with grass was hysterical. She couldn't understand what this green prickly stuff was under her feet. She soon got used to it, and now loves the grass. She was terrified of red London buses and still hates them as well as thunder and lightning,fireworks and screeching kids voices. She was sort of okay with other dogs in the park, willing to be sniffed by them, till our son and Daughter in law got Winnie, who was a frisky little puppy and took a lot of our time and attention.
Now she can't stand other dogs and has a 'love/hate' realtionship with Winnie. She is now 7 years old and our 'granddog'. We both adore her and she adores us.
She follows me everywhere, and gets to sleep on our bed every morning and evening before we go to sleep. But she loves her bed in the kitchen, and can often be found there on a cold miserable wintery British day, snoozing happily.Of course, the sofa is second best to the bed. Wherever Mama goes, I go!"

Have wonderful week everyone and stay warm!


soulbrush said...

"oh my goodness, that's me! I'm famous! I'm a star! I want to just run off and .....sleep!" Thanks so much Paula and Elise for this spotlight!" Have a woofy Thursday!

Cestandrea said...

Wonderful, Snuffles, you are a precious little treasure and what a life! I'm glad that you found the love of your life:)
Thanks so much, Soulbrush, for this lovely story, it made my afternoon,


Channon said...

Haven't done my post yet, but what a WONDERFUL, heart-warming story! And what an adorable little girl-pup too...

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh my gosh she does look like a stuffed toy your holding!! She's a cutie though and theres nothing wrong with momma hugs and licks from Lady & Coco!
Welcome to DoT Maria!!

Kathy R said...

What a cute puppy! I am glad you were able to give her a better life than the one she was previously living.

Tina. said...

Both Snuffles and Winnie are adorable! It is also nice to see a picture of you too, Soulbrush, to put a face to the type so to speak!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Gnat said...

Haven't gotten my post up either but I just had to say this is a beautiful heartwarming story! Thank you for sharing!!

Debra Kay said...

I'm always glad to see Snuffles-I'm a snuffle junky.

marianne said...

Ahhh what a wonderful story again about Snuffles!
I love you Snuffles. I wonder if you know you have so many fans all over the world!

Anonymous said...

What a great story. I am so glad Snuffles found such a good home. What a cutie!

Joe's Foster Dogs said...

Gorgeous pics...glad I stumbled to your blog world here.

Love the detail you put forth in your writing.


Cathy said...

I just read Snuffles' story this morning (121108) - and what a great one! You're a good writer, Soulbrush, and I feel like I know your babe now! Take care of each other.