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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dogs on Thursday...summer is here.

Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday post.

Please welcome two new members this week Cynthia and Rachael. Please go over to their blogs and welcome them to the group.

Since summer has come to many of us I figured I would talk about travel sites. First off I hope that all your non-fur babies are all safe over the summer holidays. They will be out of school and this time of year makes me miss teaching but not enough to go back. :)

Ok...our first site is a great place to find pet friendly hotels and travel information. I know that my brother when he was driving across country with his dog Apollo used this site to find places to stay along the way. The site is called You can search for petfriendly hotels by state or city. This site is only for the US and Cananda but many of the tips and tools will help international people as well.

The next site I've used personally many times to find dog parks in areas that I lived in and also to find places that allowed dogs for camping! Abby is the only one who has camped with us so far but there are hopes to plan a camping trip that they all get to go on! This site is called This site has resources for city living, attractions, off leash dog parks, dog friendly beaches and campgrounds. It's a great place to start when thinking about vacationing with your dogs.

Well, I hope you like this sites. I know they have come in handy so many times!

Have a great DOT day!! Dont' forget to check out people's DOT blog posts!

Natalie, Jackjack, Abby, and Frankie.


Tobi said...

Welcome, welcome to Cynthia and Rachel!!! Happy DOT my friends!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Cynthia and Rachel ♥ Thanks for the information. I will use it this summer as we plan our trip.

Channon said...

Welcome Cynthia and Rachel!!!

Rose said...

Indeed useful information. And welcome to the newest members!

Soxnitter said...

Welcome Cynthia and Rachel! If you are traveling with your pups, check out Holiday Inn Express in the area. We have found several that allow small dogs.

Paula said...

Welcome Cynthia and Rachel!

That is a great website.
We use it often when we travel with Elise and have to stay over at hotels, etc...

Kenyetta said...

thanks for the info!

Pet supplies said...

Welcome Cynthia and Rachel!!!