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Thursday, September 24, 2009

But I Wasn't Broken!

Hi Everybody! Penny here again for my monthly contribution to Dogs on Thursday. I hope that everyone's had a great month.

As for me, it's been a big month here in our household. I had my 6 month birthday on the 12th -- yay me! -- but Mom said it was time to go to the vet and get fixed. I tried to tell her I wasn't broken, but she wasn't buying it. So this past Monday, she took me to see the people at the vet's office, and I took a little nap. When I woke up, I had an owie on my belly. And, I had an owie in my mouth because some of my puppy teeth weren't making way for my Big Dog Teeth.

Mom said that we had to do this so I wouldn't have any puppies. Why would I want puppies?? I'm a puppy! Any other puppies around here would take the attention away from me that I so richly deserve, being that I'm a princess and all. Humans are so silly.

So I've spent the week here recuperating from my surgery. Mom says she's recuperating from getting me home -- we had some bad weather in Georgia, and Mom and Dad had a tough time making sure I got back from the vet. Mom blogged about it here. Please send some good thoughts to all the people and pets who are homeless because of all the flooding.

But before I was fixed, I made up a new game:I call it "grab the toilet paper and run". Did you know you can grab the end of the paper and run with it all through the house?? Wow!!! I got it all through the great room and into the dining room one time before I was found out! Tee Hee!! Stuff shreds really well too.
I know that's not the best picture of me, but I've found that when you're playing "grab the toilet paper and run", it helps to move quickly.

Evidently Mommy and Daddy aren't real fond of this new game. I swear, they're trying to squash all of my canine innovation! They've closed the door to the magic room. But I'm on the lookout, because I know they'll get careless...

Everyone stay safe and enjoy all your fall activities! I'll bark at you again next month.


Tina. said...

Awwww, sure hope you are feeling all better. Looks like a real cute game(hehe) but I am not allowing HoneyDew and Sampson to read this!

Happy DOT's!

Nichole said...

I just have to LOL because instead of correcting the problem, you reach for the camera... same as the rest of us crazy doggy parents!!! lol LOVE it!