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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dogs on Thursday...looking for a pet?

Hello!! How has everyone been doing? My life has been insane but here we are...another thursday so let's talk dogs.

First wanted to share that my dogs got to go swimming again and they had a BLAST! Jackjack totally is picking up on the jumping into the pool! You can check out pictures and footage over here.

So, for today's post I wanted to talk about petfinder! I'm not sure everyone knows about this site but there are TONS of resources on the site and also some great ways to find an animal to adopt. There are tons of adoptable dogs posted and you can search in your area which is so neat!

Pet Adoption

If you are looking to adopt an animal, the first place you should go is to petfinder and start searching in your area. It's just a great way to at least find out what's available. I often check it just to look at all the pictures. Some break my heart because I want to give them all homes.

If you're looking to adopt, please check out!

Hope everyone has a GREAT week!!!



Scrabblequeen said...

I love the idea of petfinder, but when we were searching for a puppy we could only find VERY expensive breeders listed. Thankfully, we were able to find a pup locally through other methods.

dogquilter said...

my next pup will be from a shelter so i'm sure i'll be checking out the petfinder site!!

Anonymous said...

This is how we found Arwyn. In Tampa Bay Florida, Pet Finder links with the PetSmart adoption events.

momsue84 said...

We used PetFinder to connect to our beloved Milo. It saved us. It's like we were always meant to be his forever family. Six months after we adopted him, the kennel where he was fostered burned to the ground. He would have perished. We love PetFinder.

Rose said...

Yes indeed, Petfinder has lots of dogs needing adoption. I'd searched there before my niece came across the ad that brought MaggieMae and I together. There were a few that had caught my eye and even saw one wonderful dog in person which I felt was just too much dog for my needs. Should I ever look for another I would also go back to Petfinder to search again.

Nicki said...

Adopted dogs are the best!