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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mom Calls Me an Extortionist

Hi everybody! It's Penny here, and me and my mom Jean are very excited to be talking to you about Dogs on Thursday. I figured, since I'm a dog (or at least that's what they tell me anyway), I'd give you my perspective on things. (Mom's helping by typing for me -- darn this lack of opposable thumbs!)

I'm 24 weeks old today. Yay me!! And last weekend, I graduated from puppy kindergarten. Yay me again!! It was a lot of hard work. There were lots of big dogs there, but I kept up with all of them. Not so easy to do on these short little legs.Like all good puppies, I learned a command called "leave it". Now, Mom and Dad appear to be using this to their advantage, because I hear them say this when I've found a particularly interesting something, or an incredibly tasty tidbit, or some of their dirty clothes that they've left within my reach (seriously, I'm a dachshund... how hard is it to put something where I can't get it?). They say "leave it" and when I back away, they click the magic clicker and then I get a treat.

Pretty slick, eh?

Except, they didn't take into account that I'm an exceptionally smart puppy, if I say so myself. I've figured out that, if I just prop my front feet up on the coffee table and look interested in something, they'll say "leave it", click, and give me a treat. If I actually succeed in grabbing something, Mom brings out the big guns and gives me a Milk Bone Gravy Bone in trade (especially if it's something to do with the IRS. I don't know who they are, but she takes them pretty seriously).
Some days, if I sneak into Mom's office, I get a lot of Gravy Bones. *burp*

Mom calls me an extortionist. Something about holding things hostage for ransom. I think I need a dictionary. At any rate, it gets me lots of treats.

See you in a few weeks!


Sue said...

Penny, you are too adorable. Congratulations on graduating from puppy class. Now on to bigger and better things.

Tina. said...

Too cute!!! And what unusual coloring, very pretty! Glad you figured out how to work the system pretty smart too! No wonder you graduated from puppy kindergarden!

Anonymous said...

You are one smart puppy!

Rachael said...

Penny, Penny, Penny! Looks like you are training your parents perfectly! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny. You are so sweet and smart to boot. Congratulations on passing puppy kindergarten. Come over to my house and see the video about God and dog. I think you will like it :>)

Jackie said...

You are brilliant Penny!!!

Ria said...

too funny!! especially keeping stuff out of the reach of a dashchund!!

Rose said...

Great post Penny! (Sorry I missed this last week!) Seems like you are on your way to training "them" very well!!