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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Introduction!

Hi and Welcome to this week's DOT post!

This week we are introducing Jean another wonderful person who stepped up to help out the DOT blog!
"I'm Jean from Georgia, currently owned by Penny Jasmine (The Princess), who is a black and tan dappled dachshund puppy. By trade I'm a CPA who works to earn dog food and dog toys for The Princess, and when I'm not amusing her, I enjoy counted thread needlework and knitting. I've been married for 25 years to Richard, who The Princess has wrapped around her little paw.
For her part, Penny enjoys rolling in the grass, chewing on bully sticks, chasing her tail, and attention from just about anyone. Her dislikes are nail trims, thunder, and not getting her way.
Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge is His Royal Lowness Oscar Worf, who left us in February at the age of 15 1/2. Oscar never considered himself to be a dog, so we're sure he didn't mind when Penny came into our lives. We miss him terribly."

Thank you Jean and I look forward to reading posts for you as well as the others who have been introduced. Jean blogs regularly at Baa Baa Knit Stitch.


Rose said...

Welcome Jean,and happy anniversary!

Tobi said...

Welcome Jean and Penny Jasmine! I think The Princess is so adorable and I love the tongue out picture!!!

woolwoman said...

Jean - little Penny is precious - I hope to meet her one day - Mel

Tina. said...

Welcome Jean and Penny! HoneyDew, Sampson and I look for to reading your posts!