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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

Our perfect companions never have fewer then four feet.


Let me take this opportunity, to openly confess here in front of you all, that I am...*gasp*...a dog person! I have been as far back as I can remember. Even when it wasn't cool to have a dog in the house, as a dog's place was outside in those days because well you know "dogs were dirty". My how things change!

Most people get a puppy because they are cute, their kids beg for one, companionship, or protection, etc. But did you know it has been proven in scientific studies that dogs are good for you! Really! Unless you get one like Marley, but even in that story love conquers all! I digress...

It has been proven that just by petting your pup you can reduce stress, your blood pressure and heart rate. Individuals who have been hospitalized for serious illness or surgery show a much faster recuperation time when visited by therapy dogs or being with their own dog recouping at home.

People who own dogs also get out and walk more. The increased exercise benefits the body, but also consider that it alleviates loneliness and depression by getting persons susceptible to this affliction out and about, meeting other dogs and owners. I know people who have lived in the same neighborhood for years but never spoke until they see the person out with a dog! Talk about an instant ice breaker! Take your dog to the park and see what happens! I have made many new friends walking with my pups on the bike trail, as well as acquaintances (i.e. oh yeah that is Max's or Roxie's mom!)

Having a dog also gets one's mind off of self as you now have someone else to care for. My sons are still waiting for me to get one more dog...they say each time one of my boys left home that I replaced them with a Basset Hound. There may be some truth to that as I am the nurturing type... Dogs love you unconditionally, accepting you just as you are. They just want to be cared for and loved.

They say laughter is the best medicine. I don't know about the rest of you but my pups (who are two of my best friends) crack me up several times a day with their antics and expressions. And so do yours as I faithfully read your posts!

There are a lot of good rescue groups out there and shelters are over flowing with dogs who need homes. If you are one of our readers who do not have a dog and are considering it, you will find that a lot of the participants here are blogging about dogs who have been adopted. Having a dog comes with extra responsibility but it is worth it!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Tina, HoneyDew and Sampson Arrrooo!


Rose said...

Great point! I love this post. And thanks again for your encouragement and help in getting MaggieMae. Even though she sometimes aggravates me (as you will see by my post today) I love her dearly and would not like living without her! She has done all you said in your post, for me, and more I am sure

Sue said...

Wow, with ten of them I should live forever.

Serendipity said...

How true! I used to think that I have the worst dog in the world until I read Marley lol! In spite of all the err...mess (which is mildly put) I have to deal with, my dog has certainly provided me with a lot of joy. Oh yes, they are our regular comic relief, aren't they?

Jean in Georgia said...

Amazing how I know few of the names of the people in my neighborhood, but I can name all their dogs. :)

Leif Hagen said...

I love your "Dogs on Thursday" logos! Can I "borrow" some of those logos for my "Eagan dog series" on my blog? Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

Kathy R said...

Great post!