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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cool Dog Holistic Remedy Joint Care Formula

Hello to this week's late DOT post! Sorry about the late post but the day went away with me.

So...for this week's post I wanted to share a new supplement that we have Jackjack on. As many of you may or may not know, Jackjack is my black lab that when he was about 3 years old got hit by a car. If you want to hear more details, please feel free to listen to the podcast episode in which I share his story. However, when he was hit his left elbow was shattered and we had to take him to a specialist. The specialist put in four pins into his elbow. After a long recovery, he was able to walk fine and run! During the time he was recovering, he developed arthritis in all four of his legs. Now Jackjack is only 6 years old and acts like he's only 3 but he has arthritis. We've used Rimadyl for when he's really painful but usually I like to keep him on a joint supplement to keep him mobile. We've been using Nupro, which has worked for a long time, but never really as well as the new stuff we've got him on now.
About a month ago, I went to pick up Jackjack's Nupro and while I was there there was a video on about Cool Dog Holisitc Remedy Joint Care Formula. It's a liquid supplement with human grade ingredient. They had a special going on buy one get one free so I figured why not try it out! The three months before, Jackjack had really been hurting but I didn't want to put him back on Rimadyl. He had been avoiding jumping on our bed, which he LOVES to be up in bed. He'd also been a little grumpy with his sister Abigail. Well, on the 2nd day we had him on Cool Dog I walked into my room and there he was spralled out on the bed like he owned it. Which come on...I should admit he does. ;) Well...since then I've seen a lot of improvements in him. He still gets sore when he's gone on too long of a walk like tonight when we walked for almost an hour. I would like to test him out swimming and see if he can handle swimming and not get too sore. Usually he has a hard time getting up after a good fun swim.
So, if any of you have a dog who is suffering from arthritis, please check out Cool Dog. It may not be in your local store yet as I've spoken with the owner of the company and they are testing it out in our market but you may have seen infomercials for it on the Animal Planet.

Here is a video of Jackjack and Abigail heading out in the wouldn't know he had arthritis. :)

Well...Happy Dogs on Thursday!! Hope everyone has a fabulous holidays and keep safe. This year, Jackjack may get to see snow. We are heading up to Ohio for the holidays and he's getting to come with us. Abby got to go on our last road trips so it's his turn! ;)


Serendipity said...

That sounds like a great supplement. Don't think I'll be seeing it here for a long time to come. But I'll keep a lookout for it. My dog's getting on in her age now and I've started her on glucosamine.

Pooch said...

Come visit us and try to find Lailah!


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