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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry Christmas Eve to All!

Hello everybody... Penny here! It's my very first Christmas. I can tell it's a big deal to my humans because they took me to get my picture made and put on cards they sent out to all their friends. They even signed my name to the card to let everyone know I'm part of the family now!

My mom's helping me write this a few days before Thursday, which is Christmas Eve, because we'll be traveling to Grandma's again. She says the Christmas Tree will be all decorated. I saw it at Thanksgiving. Didn't smell like a tree... they say it's an "artificial" one, whatever that means, and they told me not to play with stuff on it. Well, if you don't want me to play with it, don't hang it that low, right??

Mom also says I'll have some presents under the tree. Oh boy!! I got one the other day from my cousins up in West Virginia. It was in a bag and I got to get it out of the bag all by myself. It turned out to be a really neat stuffed beaver with a squeaker in it and everything. I love running around the house with it.

Grandma's house means food. I told you about my "starving puppy" routine, right? Worked like a charm at Thanksgiving. There was turkey and ham and bacon, and I got lots of all of it!! Yum!!!

Although... I may have to watch it a little. People are starting to make a few disparaging comments about my waistline. I'm a growing puppy! I need my food! Well, ok... I'm supposed to weigh between 9 and 10 pounds like my doggie mom and dad, and the last time they made me get on that blasted scale I weighed 12 and a half, but that's no reason to start calling me names like "Chunky-Butt", is it??? Hmmmph. I heard someone say "diet", but I think Mom was talking about herself. I certainly hope she wasn't talking about me!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday, no matter what holiday you celebrate. May your lives be full of love and happiness, may your pups always behave, and may there be peace in all our hearts.

Merry Christmas everyone! I'll bark at you next month!


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Merry, Merry... there's no my linky up yet, so I'm at

Vivian said...

Merry Christmas to all!

Cat said...

Hi, I've been trying to email the address listed so that I can join Dogs on Thursday and am having trouble getting the email addy correct. Could you assist me?

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