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Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Vigilance -- and Cold Stuff

Hello everyone! Penny here again. Since I arfed at you last time about all the things I have to watch out for with my humans, I've found another. They call it "thunder". I call it a big booming noise that comes out of nowhere. Know what I did? I barked at it!! One of my very fiercest barking frenzies, if I do say so myself. Did the job and the thunder went away. My humans, however, were not as impressed. They kept muttering something about it being 4 in the morning. I don't care what time it was... I always have to be on guard!

I got to do something else new too. We had snow!!!Now, my humans tell me that for a lot of you, snow is no big deal. But I was born and raised in Georgia... right in the Atlanta area. And for us, it's really unusual to get the three inches of snow that we got. Why, it was right up to my chest!

My mommy was a little upset that I was out in the snow without my jacket... but I couldn't wait to get out to play in it and I was crying at the door!I ran and played... there was so much to sniff! I think I could have stayed outside all afternoon, but mommy was afraid my paws would get too cold. Hasn't she seen that I have a lot of fur on them??(I just know a squirrel had been somewhere around this tree. Cowardly devil wouldn't come out to face me!)

So, I had to come in, and mommy wrapped me up in a warm blankie, but I kept vigil at the window just in case something came within my line of sight that I thought was a threat. Ok I did fall asleep. A couple of times. Well, more than a couple of times. But I would have sprung into action at a moment's notice.

I hope we get more snow this winter. From what I hear, I'm the only one who hopes that.


Leslie said...

I wish we got snow here. I never get to play in snow.--Sadie

Rose said...

Penny you are so cute. And for those who want snow, I'll be glad to give you some we have here!

Tesla said...

We've never gotten snow to play in here in St. Pete. Mom told us that back in 1990 or 91 (long before we were born!) there was snow once.

Our human cousin who lives in north Georgia had snow earlier this year. We wanted to go stay with him for a while, but Mom told us it would be too cold for us Floridians.

Maybe you could send some to us?

Pongo and Buddy