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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools Day!

Quote for today:

You can't keep a good man down...or an over affectionate dog.

Some of the great (and humerous) mysteries of dogdom:
  • Why or what is it about a particular scent that determines/dictates that a dog rolls in it or pees on it?
  • Why does time after time a dog eat grass only to throw it right back up?
  • Why does a dog have to sniff over the same area to pee, every time it goes out even though its the same space of yard and was sniffed as well only an hour ago before it will finally settle on a spot to pee, is it used or something?
  • Why is the other toy, bone, or fluffy in the other dogs mouth always better then the one in it's own?
  • Last but not least why does it suddenly occur to both dogs that the only comfortable place in the house is directly behind your ankles when you are busy in the kitchen!!!
I am seriously not looking for an answer (or complaining), just some amusing things that has occurred to me from time to time. How about you? Any behaviors that your dog does that you get a kick out of? You can share by leaving a comment below, and remember...

Happy DOT's from,
Tina, HoneyDew and Sampson too!


Rose said...

They sure are peculiar aren't they? Just yesterday walking MaggieMae, she scooped something up from the ground twice before I could see what it was. I told her she was a "scrounge hound"! Why do they do that? I'm sure whatever it was, if I'd seen it first, would have completely turned my stomach!

Sue said...

In the kitchen I usually have one directly behind me and one between me and the cabinets. I think it has something to do with being in the best place to grab anything I may drop.

Kathy R said...

I wonder about those very same things!

Thanks, DOT hostesses, for publishing Lucy as the mud puppy. I can't believe I missed it a couple weeks ago!