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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dogs on Friday??

Hello all! Penny here. Yeah, I'm late. My typist used the lame excuse that she's been doing taxes to try to get more money to buy me dog toys. Really. I deserve dog toys, treats, and everything else I can get. I'm a princess, after all.

I'm now a year old. My birthday was March 12. Mom informs me that I'll no longer be able to use that "puppy" excuse for not listening to her when she tells me what to do. Except now I'll play the "dachshund card", since we dachshunds are notoriously independent thinkers. Think cats in a canine body. Kind of a "what have you done for me lately?" mentality. Show me the treats and I'll think about doing it.

Since we last barked, we've had a little bit of warmer weather here in Georgia. That means I can get out and walk around with my pack. We live near a lake, and just a couple of days ago, I saw what my dad says were ducks. They were great fun to run after! Except they had the advantage of being able to fly away from me. Cowards. I seriously think I could take a duck. Dad muttered something about me being a bird dog. I'm an earthdog! Whatever that means.

We're having more thunder here too. Mom says it's spring storms. Kind of scary, but I keep barking at it and it goes away. I'm quite proud of myself for it.

Are any of you going on vacation this year? Mom says we may travel and stay in something called a hotel. Mom says there are lots of places that allow pets like me and that it's a great idea to travel with your pet. She says we're going to stay in a hotel close to home to give me a try out and see if my barking gets us kicked out. I'm a watchdog! I have to bark to scare away intruders! What does she expect me to do? But, evidently I'm going to have to learn to be quiet in certain situations. This is going to be really interesting for all of us... It would be sort of embarrassing for my folks for me to get us kicked out, I guess.

Until next time... here is me in my favorite spot:Sometimes it's good to be a pup.


Channon said...

We'll be going to the beach house soon. Luckily, we're rarely there except off-season, because Gretchen (a Jack Russell Terrier, who is 19 months old and still called "the baby") is EXTRA alert there and warns us when gulls fly over, when the wind blows harder than ... whatever her criteria is, etc.

Thea said...

Penny Jasmine you are adorable. You will have so much fun on your motel excursion too. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Sherry said...

I am 14 months old and will be a puppy until I am at least 2 yrs. old. Hee hee. Maybe that's an Airedale thing!
It's a boy thing.--Alanis