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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet summertime...

Link sent in by Rose and MaggieMae.

I wanted to share a bit of information with you all that I just found out. After having HoneyDew for going on 7 years, she has come down with her first bad ear infection. Ear infections are common with any drop ear dog but Bassets are very susceptible to them. The vet prescribed a course of antibiodics for her. I asked him if I get them at the regular drugstore or where could I get them? He explained that Giant Eagle carried them for dogs and this particular type was on a list that Giant Eagle would fill for FREE!

Yes you read that correctly. I didn't know that! All you have to do is show them your Giant Eagle Card. I don't know if you have Giant Eagle in your area, but maybe another grocery chain with a pharmacy may offer this type of program. In this economy, it is worth looking into!

And yes HoneyDew is doing much better.

Happy DOT's,
Tina, HoneyDew and Sampson too.


Rose said...

Good advice on the "dog ears". Also glad Honeydew is doing much better. And thanks for giving us credit for the video. I only hope the DOT readers enjoy it as much as I did. It really was a well-done video!

Serendipity said...

I'm walking on sunshine...woh oh...Those dogs sure know how to have a good time ;-) Great video!

Thanks for sharing about ear infection. Glad to hear Honeydew is doing better. Dogs with droopy ears tend to be more prone to ear infection.

Vivian said...

Bucky gets regular ear infections. Important thing is to keep those ears clean, and I generally do a rather poor job at it.

Tina. said...

Yes, I clean both HoneyDew and Sampson once a week, with a concotion my vet told me about which is one part mouthwash and 4 parts water. It prevents yeast growth and has worked for about 7 years. The vet told me that where the infection was was clear down in her ear where I cannot get to. She didn't enjoy having him clean them out!

Tesla said...

It's nice to hear that HoneyDew is doing better. Thanks for the tip on cleaning ears also.

DH had a Bassett we got married, Sebastian Benson Oglethorpe. :) "Basco" didn't get ear infections, but he did get a couple of hematomas, the vet had to drain.

We had to be especially careful walking on the stairs with him. He tripped on his ears quite a few times, causing me to trip too! He was a sweet dog! Thanks for bringing back the memories and allowing me to to ramble!

Tesla with the current canine family Buddy and Girl