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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dogs & Yarn

Happy Dogs on Thursday to you. While I realize not all of our participants are knitters, many of you are. And while the contest I'm about to mention is for Ravelry members, (if you knit, spin, crochet, design patterns, etc., you should be a member!) I believe it is worded so that those of you who sew might also give it a go.


In short, if you happen to be (or become quickly?) a member of the Ravelry Namaste Love group and you send the Namaste girls and their dogs a sweater you made, you get entered to win Namaste products.


I can't help but share how much I love Namaste bags. I know Nichole and Natalie do too, but what a lot of folks don't know is that the Namaste girls love dogs and theirs go to work with them regularly. No wonder they produce bags that resist even basset hound drool!

This is also my last post, due to a new venture a friend and I have started. I will still be a member of the group, but I just don't have the time to commit to a regular feature here too. I'm grateful to Paula and Elise for starting this wonderful group and tradition, and I hope some of you who enjoy it too will step up and give Natalie a hand to keep it going. Stay in touch!


Nichole said...

Yes, Paula & Elise started a great thing here and I hope everyone keeps it going!

melly~ said...

omg how CUTE!!
i haven't yet knit a sweater for my dogs but i wish i had so i could enter this giveaway! the bag looks to die for!

soulbrush said...

i am a knitter but don't believe dogs need have done a great job as have all the rest, and sue too. happy doggie thursday from snuffles in london.

Anonymous said...

Happy Dogs On Thursday! Sorry to see you go. I'm not a knitter but what a cute idea

Vivian said...

The Namaste bags look super nice. Someone just posted one for sale on Ravelry:
I say grab it!

fiberdoodles said...

Thanks for all you've done and best wishes on you new adventure!

Happy DOT,

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new adventure. We will miss you as one of the leaders of our pack ♥