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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Doggie Spotlight for Grover and A Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to the new members this week!
I had an unexpected death and illness in our family this week so I am late getting the swap pals out, I will do that in the next couple of days.
I have them ready to go and I will email them out tonight when I get home.
Some of you may already have received yours.
Please contact your pals as you receive their names.
I hope this swap will be a fun and festive one.
Natalie is going to run the Dogs on Thursdays for a couple of weeks for me.
Please contact her at gnatchat(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to join Dogs on Thursday or have any questions.
She will also be doing next weeks doggie spotlight on one of her lovable dogs.
I will see you in a couple of weeks.

This weeks Doggie Spotlight is for Cindy's Grover and here is what his humans say about him:

"Our beloved shepherd/golden mix, Dylan Thomas, was with us for nine years. He was smart and my best buddy. We walked every single morning and he was a jewel. On Easter Sunday this year he refused food and by the end of the week (a Friday the 13th, no less), he was dead from cancer. I was devastated and had decided no dog for a while. I had not considered how desperately lonely and unhappy my Mum would be without company of a pup. By the Friday after the 13th, we were discussing a dog. The next day we went to the Humane Society and asked about a lab (I love them and so does the Mum). They had several but they were all high energy (aren't all labs?). My Mum is severely crippled and unable to move quickly, so a high-energy dog was out. We were getting ready to leave when a young woman asked if we were interested in a really mellow dog, but he was "large". I said yes and they brought out Grover. He walked straight to my Mum and leaned on her. I think that was all it took. We went to an interview room and he showed us his stuffed fish and behaved like a gentleman. We walked out with a new pup. He honestly didn't look that big in the building, but when it came to putting him in our sedan..........well, it was an epiphany. He took up the whole back seat!

Since that day he has taken over our hearts and our lives and we cannot even think what life would have been without our big boy. The Humane Society told us he weighed 85 lbs. He might have when he got there, but he's now about 125 lbs. and he takes up our little house. We went to obedience class and he sits, goes down, heels and "leave it"s like a pro. The stay commands are sucky at best, but I don't really work at them very hard. He adores children and almost all people and he loves to play with the "kids" at the cageless kennel. Because he is so big and fierce looking, people avoid us on our walks. But, basically, he's just a big baby.
Our big baby.

As for his ancestry, we have Anatolian Shepherd, Irish Wolfhound, English Mastiff and whatever else anyone can come up with. His gait is something to behold and he runs like a colt. When you save a dog's life, you do more than just save a life, you enrich yours beyond measure."

Thank you Cindy and Grover for sharing with us a part of your life today.


SissySees said...

Hey Grover! You're a handsome fellow. Nice to meet you.

Paula, our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'd send drool, but I lack a drool-maker at the moment...

Cindy said...

Thank you Paula. You and your family are in our thoughts. I cannot believe you took the time, but thank you so much.

Donna said...

Grover is one handsome fellow. Oliver gives him 5 woofs!!! Give him [[hugs]] from me Cindy. Mom too! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be sure to save Grover a wing!

Paula, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Kenyetta said...

You and your family are in my thoughts!
Grover is a very handsome fella!

Andree said...

Grover's story, and yours, is very reaffirming and I thank you for posting it. Perfect for Thanksgiving.

Susan said...

That's such a wonderful story -- I always love how some animals and people were meant to be together.

monica said...

Awwww Grover looks like a sweetie! I would've brought him home the minute I saw him.

Lapdog Creations said...

Grover is adorable!
Are the matches still being emailed out? I haven't rec'd mine yet so I just wanted to double check.

Heide said...

I've known Cindy and Mum virtually for several years now. The loss of DT was heartbreaking; however, Mr. Grover was just bounded right into their lives at the perfect time. Congratulations to a wonderful doggy and also to his amazing new family.

Melody said...

I just added the button to my sidebar, but can't get the code...I can't wait to share about my puppies!