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Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Doggie Spotlight on Baci

Welcome to this weeks Dogs on Thursday.
Also a big hello to the several new members that joined DOT this past week.

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We will combining names this week and will have them out to you by Thursday the 24th

For this weeks Doggie Spotlight meet Rhonda's Baci:
Due to some of my computer technical difficulties I have taken her Bio information from her human Mom's blog post on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 and also because it is quite a complete bio and is wonderful to read.
Thank you Rhonda for letting me share Baci's story that way.

"Our little person in a fur suit"

"Baci Fiona Jana was named for many reasons. Her mother, Kissed by the Storm, is how she got her first name, Baci, as it means kisses in Italian (we love Rome, that's what the Italy thing is all about). She got her middle name, Fiona, from the character on Shrek, as well as the fact her little ears and big head remind us of an Ogor! Jana is based on her dad’s given name, No Moon Out Tonight. Jana comes from the Italian goddess of the moon. (The moon being the connection here.)
She was born 2-4-06 and was shipped to us from a highly reputable Shar-pei breeder, ShenaniGans Shar-pei in NC. We chose her because of her color, because she’s a protector and incredibly intelligent too. My plan was to put her in AKC shows (some day *sigh*), as she comes from a national champion line. So we got the pick of the litter. This is the pic we saw on the Shenanigans' web site! The breeder titled her foto, "Kisses girl."
She makes me laugh and warms my heart. Her personality is so special, I can’t help but feel like we were paired on a different dimension prior to us coming together. (Look – she’s in the womb!)
Her unique personality makes me also think she is part human. I think maybe I gave birth to her in that other place, because she even does things like me. I began making this funny sound when I yawned and literally a week or so later, I heard her making the same noise! Here’s proof that her latest adorable feat is picking up things that are lying around the house and then showing me what she’s found. She knows she gets a treat for bringing them to me. Here she found a set of lost keys. (Now, I’ve taught her to bring me my flip flops.)
Another unique trait I dearly love: she leans on her shoulder, like a human…While I was driving, I safely (no, really, i did!) took this foto with my camera phone. Look where her right paw is! Do other barkers do this?
In addition to all the above reasons, we got her because of my bouts with depression. When I know I’m dropping, all I have to do is touch her and my whole world changes. Everything is suddenly OK. I love to feel her heart beating; I love to feel her coat. Then there’s that face. I can’t imagine having a dog with more collagen. She’s so touchable, albeit she hates it. How can someone not reach out and grab this? Sometimes it makes me crazy.
Our gorgeous, spoiled little person in a fur suit.
She’s my life and friend; she’s our daughter."
Thank you Baci and Rhonda! What a sweet story!
To read more about Baci you can visit her and Rhonda at their blog.


Unknown said...

*Jumping for joy* yippee! this is my little girl! Thank you so much, Paula and Elise for the spotlight. I'd like to thank...JK haha No really, this is the greatest doggie site ever! Happy, happy, happy DOT :)

Cindy said...

What a dumplin'. Give her a hug for me, even if she doesn't like to be touched all that much. Sweetie pie.

Lapdog Creations said...

She's adorable!!!!!!!

Beth said...

I would also be guilty of grabbing those sweet cheeks and planting a big ol' kiss. Too adorable!

Vivian said...

What a wonderful story for a cute pup! just love the name :-)

Donna said...

What an adorable pup. She truly looks so sweet and boy is she cute. Enjoyed her story too!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable!

blissfulknitter AT gmail DOT com

Pooch said...

Heart-warming story indeed! Baci has the sweetest face and is such a pretty color.

This is a dog I just want to hug-hug-hug!


Kenyetta said...

I love Shar Pei's! She is so cute!

SissySees said...

What a pretty girl!!

Unknown said...

What a great story and a beautiful girl. I agree - they really are able to lift you out of a depression. Thanks for sharing your girl. g