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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quick Note About The Dogs Holiday Ornament Swap

This is just a quick note to ask if those that wanted to participate in the Doggie Holiday Ornament Swap received their matches okay?
Even the best laid plans go array so if you have not received you match or are having any troubles please email me (Paula) or Natalie.
This is not a secret swap this year so whomever your pal is, she has your name as well.
Next year I will get more creative.
This year though, for the first time trying this swap out, simple is best.
Oh, and just a reminder that there is no real price limit on the swap goodies because I know most of you will be crafting your doggie ornament, but please keep the gifting somewhat inexpensive so as to not add stress to an already stressful season.
I hope everyone has a very festive holiday season and a peaceful one too.


Knitting it Out in an Urban Zoo said...

I've emailed my person and I'm waiting to hear confirm address. I have not heard from anyone yet.

Anonymous said...

I emailed my partner as well- haven't heard back yet. Going to get started on the Ornament tonight! Already got Baci's treat!

The Princess said...

everything worked out well for and snail-mail all check out! thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey, Devin. There will be no crafting from this end...anyway, I don't think. I'm a shopper, but you know what? As I type, it sounds more fun to figure out a way to make this myself. Hmmmm. We'll see how it goes, 'cause I've got to get it in the mail!